vs. Self Storage vs. Self-Storage Units
Self-storage is evolving rapidly. It used to mean going to a building full of lockers and using wobbly ladders to access your items. Now, though, the storage space can come to you. offers shipping containers and storage containers in a variety of sizes. They can be placed on just about any site. Big or small containers are available, depending on the size of your project. There's something here for every situation whether your needs are business-related or residential. Let us compare both options before you decide.
The decision between self-storage or container storage depends on:
Self-storage storage units are inside a building – either purpose-built for storage or adapted. The self-storage storage unit may be on an upper landing, and although there are goods lifts, you still need to transport your stuff to the building, unload it and get it to your storage unit. A portable storage container can be accessed at your home premises and loaded up with your stuff and then remain there or transported to a storage container site. If you are packing large items, that’s a considerable saving in transport costs and energy.
Self-storage storage units stay in place – you go to them. Shipping containers are more flexible; they can come to you, or you can go to them and use an onsite storage container. You can also opt to have a storage container on your premises, so you get 24-hour secure access to your stuff. Self-storage storage units offer a range of sizes and generally are in staffed buildings that give you 24-hour access. You will pay between two and three times as much for this storage solution because of the extra overhead costs of staffing and running a building. Also, watch out for the attractive low introductory offer that gets you through the door and then ramps up the charge once you’ve filled up your self-storage storage unit. Storage Container sites are likely to give office hours access rather than all-hours access, but that depends on the site. Plus, if you always need access to your stuff, you can opt for a portable storage container at your home or office.
Self-storage storage units are weatherproof because they are inside a building, but shipping containers can withstand stormy seas. Shipping containers are strong, durable, and weatherproof. In humid conditions shipping containers, may suffer from internal condensation – but you can use moisture traps. Shipping containers are individually secure and protected from the elements, thieves, and vandals. Self-storage units depend on staffing and a building for their security measures.
Moving Solutions
When it comes to a house move loading your possessions into a self-storage unit is an excellent place for temporary storage. When you want to move them into your new home, you need to unload the self-store storage unit. If you hire a shipping container, you can load all your house contents into the shipping container (at your house) and have the shipping container stores on site until it is time to transport it to your new home. It cuts out all the extra loading and unloading, which is more time-efficient and saves muscle power.
Long Term Use
For long term storage, an onsite storage container is more affordable than self-storage storage units because it is an effective no-frills service. For easy access to stored goods, a portable storage unit at your home or office is more affordable and accessible than having to drive to and from a self-storage building.With a variety of innovative and user-friendly storage solutions, is well-equipped to serve customers from any background. If you're in California or Arizona and you need a portable storage solution, don't be afraid to reach out. These storage pros have decades of experience. As experts in the field, they're well-equipped to answer any of your questions.