Storage Containers

Why Rent a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers have features that make them perfect for rentals storage – that’s why we’ve used them for over forty years.
construction containers

• Strong, durable, heavy-duty steel construction - Keeping the contents secure
• Weatherproof - Wind, water, and fire-resistant
• Flexible - Plenty of sizes and can be custom fitted, joined, or cut down.
• Portable - You get a storage building for rent at your place or ours.
• Value for money – You buy storage space, not overheads in a building.
• Container lockboxes - Extra secure space inside your container storage rental.
Portable storage containers for rent give you flexible storage at your home, business, or on our purpose-built site for secure remote storage with easy access.
How Much Does a Storage Container Cost to Rent?
The amount you pay for container storage rental depends on:
Rental length

Rental length
Longer rentals attract a discount.

Container Size

Container size
With a container, you pay for volume as well as floor space.


Transport to and from the site is a consideration.


How often you want to access the container compared with the price of a storage container being stacked for future transport when stored at our premises.

Modification and accessories

Modification and accessories
Shelving and use of accessories will affect the rental, but it is still going to be competitive and affordable.


Chemicals or explosive storage requires an appropriately fitted storage container.

The exact amount for your rental storage depends on your circumstances and requirements. Our friendly staff can talk you through all your options and suggest the most affordable and effective solution for you from a compact 10-foot container to a massive 40-foot one.
Who Uses Temporary Storage Containers?
Businesses, homes, clubs, schools, museums- all activities need storage and storing stuff occupies space and volume that you need for other things. Anyone can find a use for rental storage buildings.
Everyone – except for fanatical minimalists, needs more space. These are just a few examples of how people like you use versatile cargo container rental to improve their lives and work:
construction site planning
construction site planning
Construction sites
Rentable storage containers keep tools and materials locked away, deterring thieves and vandals.
classroom of kids
Schools, colleges, universities benefit from portable storage unit rental for textbooks, exercise equipment, exam chairs, and tables.
large museum
Art and Culture
Museums and theatres need storage for collections, paintings for exhibitions, and stage props. Renting storage, when necessary, meets temporary and permanent needs.
hotel pool area
Affordable mobile storage containers for rent at a fraction of the room hire rate maximize profits by freeing up those storage rooms
hiking gear
Clubs and Hobbyists
Sports clubs, amateur dramatics, stamp collections – anything you can think of doing needs storage between meets or to keep it securely locked in one place.
storage boxes for moving
E-commerce means many people need the equivalent of a small amount of warehouse space, then there are the usual needs for business archives and excess stock.
stored hazardous waste
Hazardous Material
If you have dangerous chemicals, military or medical supplies to store, shipping containers rental gives you a lockable secure storage space on your premises.
valuable red car
Valuable Cars and Motorbikes
Container rentals let you store your vehicles in a weatherproof and secure location at a fraction of the cost of building or hiring a garage.
Container storage rental provides anyone and everyone with the storage space they need for any purpose that involves the storage of stuff – from summer barbecues and lawnmowers to years of business archives.
How Long Can I Rent a Storage Container?

Your rental period is flexible. We also offer rolling contracts with a few weeks’ notice. We pride ourselves on our “can-do’ attitude, and we are happy to work out a deal that gives you a storage container rental agreement that meets your needs both now and in the future.