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Storage Container FAQ
If there is a storage container for sale, and you can afford it, and you have somewhere to put it, you can buy it
The price of a 40' high cubed used storage containers to buy can vary between $500 and $1,900 depending on where you live and who has one to sell on places like Craig's List. Typically, standard-sized used Conex Boxes for sale, cost between $1,400 and $2,600. A handyman fixer-upper sold as is can cost a lot less, but the cost of making it watertight may outweigh the saving. To buy cargo containers brand-new, expect to pay $3,000 to $5,000. You will get the full life expectancy with no worrying damage.
When you start looking for metal containers for storage or other applications, you find plenty of names that seem to be interchangeable. Do they all mean the same thing? Yes and no. Yes, these names refer to metal boxes that store a heap of stuff. And no, all metal storage containers are not the same. There are plenty of names for all-purpose storage metal containers like freight containers, cargo containers, ISO containers, sea containers, and sea cans. But the main terms are Shipping Containers, Storage Containers, Conex box.
Californian Keith Walton Tantlinger came up with the idea of standardizing trucking and shipping with a standard metal box back in 1950. His vision and design changed the world and the way shipping cargo containers can move seamlessly from boat to rail to truck. A shipping container created from Corten steel in standard 20-foot and 40-foot lengths and 8-foot wide is licensed to carry cargo. Shipping container inspection and certification is all about seaworthiness. Put simply, shipping containers go or have gone to sea and have a unique number identifying their owner.
A shipping container can become a storage container as a second or even a first life, but a storage container is not seaworthy. The storage container may have the same standard. Still, without the certification from the point of manufacture, it is not legal to use a storage container as shipping containers for freight carried on a boat.
A Conex box is a shipping container – 8-foot wide, 8-foot 6-inches tall and 10, 20, or 40-foot long. So why are they called Conex boxes instead of ship containers? The name came out of the Korean war when the Military had to ship a lot of stuff - fast, to troops overseas. They called the service – container express. Naturally, this title got shortened to ConEx, and now Conex boxes are a standard term for shipping containers.
A certified ISO shipping container is tested and inspected and has a certificate stating you can use this container to transport contents by sea, road, or rail. ISO stands for the International Standards Organization. If you want to send your goods or possessions by sea, you need this certification.
You can absolutely fit a full-size car into a shipping container. All you have to do is measure the size of the car and add a few feet so that getting in and out of the car is easier. Then, choose your storage container size. A compact car will fit into smaller shipping containers, but you can also find larger shipping containers for SUVs and trucks.
When you want to make extra storage at home, a portable storage house is the perfect option. Prepare the land by measuring the area so you know how much room you have for your container. You should also clear the area of any plants and debris. Laying down a basic concrete slab is recommended if the container is permanent. No matter how you choose to install your home storage unit, you can be confident that you'll have a unit that's sturdy. Since metal storage containers are made with durable materials, you can be confident that your belongings are secure.
If you want to have a shed for all of your gardening and lawn care equipment, a steel container house is a great option. This type of container is the perfect place to put a riding lawnmower, extra soil and landscaping materials, rakes, and many other tools.
Your rental period is flexible. We also offer rolling contracts with a few weeks’ notice. We pride ourselves on our “can-do’ attitude, and we are happy to work out a deal that gives you a storage container rental agreement that meets your needs both now and in the future.
You can build a house inside a storage container, so an office is unremarkable. Plenty of people take advantage of the affordable, flexible nature of storage units as their first choice of office space. The conversion of the storage unit to office space creates a typical office environment that is superior to some low-rent places available on the market.
A storage unit for storage doesn't have an electrical outlet as a standard. Part of the conversion to office space is professional wiring for lights and outlets. If you need a storage unit with electrical outlets for creating a workshop, for example, it's a straightforward modification.
Mobile Office FAQ
We can guarantee a competitive price for your mobile office with all the quality extras, help, and advice thrown in as part of the package. Generally, the costs of renting a mobile office are significantly cheaper than buying unless you are looking at a semi-permanent office solution lasting three years or more. Even then, renting lets you flex your space requirement up and down in a matter of days with minimal costs.
We can custom build any office size by combining office storage containers. Your decision depends on how many staff you need to accommodate and what your office delivers. Alternatively, you can choose a standard in-stock office trailer. Larger floor space costs more, but you need enough space to suit your staff and your storage needs. You also need to accommodate extra considerations like frequency and number of visitors, restroom facilities, and necessary furniture and equipment.
We have business insurance to cover our trailers for our business needs. When you rent or buy a mobile office trailer, you need insurance cover for your use of the portable office – same as renting or purchasing any fixed office.