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More About Arizona and California
When you think about Arizona, most people picture a desert with giant cacti and red rocks. Arizona is a desert state, but 15% forest and some of the mountain ranges get snow in winter. The landscape in Arizona is spectacular – the Grand Canyon, Canyon Lake, Superstition Mountains, and the Sonoran Desert at sunset, to name a few.Arizona is the Old West and the New West, modern and ancient, and a thriving state with mining, tourism, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense all playing a part in a growing economy. People come here for the climate, the history, and the quality of a laid-back south-western lifestyle.
Four of the Best Places to Live in Arizona

The best place to live in Arizona depends on where you work and your preference for town or country living.
Phoenix, in Maricopa County, is the state capital of Arizona. It's a big city with all the big city attractions of museums, events, sports facilities, world cuisine, and a university. Phoenix gives nearby access to wilderness landscapes – you can combine big city life with enjoying the great outdoors.
Prescott, Yavapai
Prescott, Yavapai
From Prescott, you get access to all the attractions of Phoenix, a short drive away with the charm of living in a rural area. Combine that gentler pace of life with excellent education and cultural events, and you have a great place to raise a family.

Flagstaff is the county seat of Coconino, under 20 minutes commuting time, and this dark-sky city practices green construction and other environmentally friendly practices. If winter sports are your thing – the mountains get an average of 38 inches of snow a year.

Tempe, Maricopa
Tempe, Maricopa
Tempe gives you the small city feeling (160,000 people live here) with access to Phoenix for big city events. Tempe is warm all year round, has a low cost of living, affordable homes, and excellent employment prospects. Throw in the Arizona State University, two water parks, and magnificent scenic mountains, and you have a family-friendly area that suits young professionals.
About Southern California
Southern California
Southern California is sunshine and beach life in most people's minds. There's the occasional rainy day, the Santa Ana winds in the Fall, and sometimes an El Nino. But, Southern California is sunny all year round, and fresh amazing vegetables and fruit are grown locally and sold in farmers' markets throughout the state.Los Angeles is the biggest city, the Hollywood sign is recognizable across the globe, the beaches are inviting, and the surf is reliable. The beautiful weather attracts beautiful people, and even the waiters look like Hollywood superstars. Southern California is a safe, beautiful place to live and raise a family.
Best Places to Live in Southern California

If you work or want to work in the creative arts, then Los Angeles is the city for you, outstripping New York for the variety, quality, and quantity of artistic jobs and industry. If you prefer to base your home life outside of a big city, consider the following:
South Pasadena
South Pasadena – the City of Trees, is a small-town community in Los Angeles County with a population of 26,064. It's known for its great farmers market, top-quality schools, and historic buildings. Unique and quirky businesses abound, and as you walk around, you will recognize many of the buildings from their appearances in films.
Rancho Palos Verdes
Rancho Palos Verdes
In Rancho Palos Verdes, you get the pleasure of island life without the disadvantages of needing a ferry to get to work. Rancho Palos Verdes started as an island, but sedimentary build up connects it to to the mainland. On three sides, you look out across the kelp rich waters of the Pacific Ocean where you can glimpse the odd whale passing by.
If you like scenic ocean drives along the coastline, Rancho Palos Verdes gives you the Portuguese Beach Club, Point Vicente Lighthouse, and Lloyd Wright's Wayfarer's Chapel as landmarks to spot on your travels. If you can afford to live here (house prices are in the luxury bracket), you benefit from excellent schools and island life a short drive away from the big city.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find storage containers near me?
The first step in finding a storage container for your needs is to call and check your location with us. Or you can fill out our online no-obligation quotation form, and we will contact you with your nearest storage container options. We are a family business, and you can trust us to do our best to meet your needs with our friendly professional team.
How to find shipping containers for sale near me?
We have a range of shipping containers and refurbished storage containers for sale, but our stock varies depending on what is available. We advertise currently available items on our website, but we are always happy to discuss your needs as we can accommodate most requests or suggest viable alternatives.
Where can I find mobile office trailers for rent near me?
We deliver our mobile office trailers throughout the states of Arizona and Southern California – depending on availability. If you need an office trailer, it's worth calling us first as we deliver fast with friendly drivers who take account of location and traffic build-up at peak times.
Where can I find Storage Trailers for rent near me?
We provide a storage trailer for the ultimate ease of dock height loading and unloading. We service Southern California and Arizona with our range of storage and transport solutions. Don't worry if your town or city is not on our list, give us a call and see if we can help you today.