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Renting Mobile Office Trailers  
Renting Mobile Office Trailers
Should I Rent or Buy My Mobile Office Trailer?

The decision to rent or buy your Mobile office divides opinion as to which is the most cost-effective and advantageous position. The crucial question is, how long are you going to use that office trailer? Over time the costs of mobile office rentals exceed the costs of buying the trailer as a one-off capital spend. The essential part of the question is that office trailer’ – if you need the flexibility to switch between office sizes and configurations, then a series of rentals gives you choices that owning does not. But, if this is the office trailer for you and you are going to use it for three years or more, buying is the cheaper option.
Why Rent Mobiles Offices?
Advantages of Renting

· Affordability – rental payments are spread throughout the use of the building and are a fraction of the cost of purchase.
· Maintenance-free - the mobile office supplier takes care of all necessary maintenance, so you don’t have to. No extra money out of your pocket.
· Flexibility – you can use different sizes of mobile offices for various applications. even offers an office and storage combination unit.
· Transport – the mobile office supplier is set up to transport their offices between locations. You’ll still be covering the transport cost but at a reduced rate.
Disadvantages of Renting

· Limited customization options – because you are renting, you get standard options for tailoring the office to your needs.
· Availability – you are relying on a rented mobile office being in stock when you need it, a time of peak demand could leave you without access to an office.
· Quality Finish – the mobile office supplier will decide on the quality of finish on the walls and floor. You may prefer a more luxurious carpet or corporate color scheme.
· Heating and air conditioning – the mobile office will come equipped with these, but you may prefer different appliances to those used.
Should I Rent a Ground Level Office (GLO) or a Mobile Office (MO)?
What is a Ground Level Office (GLO)?

A ground-level office is delivered and unloaded onto your prepared site. It gives you an office you and your visitors can walk into without going up a flight of stairs. It’s still a mobile office because you can hire a truck, load it on the back and move it – but it looks more permanent as it is rooted in the landscape.
Pros and Cons of a Ground Level Office

· Walk-in access
· Permanent appearance
· No trailing wires for power connection

· Always on a frame
· Stairs need OSCHA approval
· Unloading and reloading process involves a crane
What is a Mobile Office? 
Renting Mobile Office Trailers
A mobile office to rent is ready to move at any time and generally remains on the trailer with office access by stairs - although it can be offloaded. A mobile office on a trailer is ideal as an office solution if you don’t need disability access to your offices. Also, your only concern over the site condition is that it needs to accept a trailer as the trailer bed takes care of the support structure.
Pros and Cons of a Mobile Office

· Easy to move
· Minimal site preparation
· Discourages casual visitors

· Trailing cables
· Looks temporary
· Poor disability access
Mobile vs. Modular: Which do I Need?

If you need an office that you can pack up and move somewhere else, then you need a mobile office for rent. If you are looking to grow your business and you have a permanent site, then a modular office gives you the flexibility to design bigger offices with exciting layouts.
Modular Mobile Office Trailers
Mobile offices rental costs less than modular offices because they arrive ready to use without the need for construction. Modular offices involve a minor construction process to plan, erect, and finish. You get to use a mobile office as soon as it is delivered, but a modular office takes more time.
At the end of use, a mobile office can be returned or sold to another user. A modular office either needs to be sold as part of the whole premises or dismantled. A dismantled modular office can be reconstructed on a new site or possibly sold to someone else, but the process is more complicated. You need to find a willing purchaser and take great care not to damage the building when you take it down.
How Much Does a Mobile Office Cost to Rent?

The average cost of a mobile office depends on the amount of floor space and interior layout. By comparison with commercial office rental, the hire cost is attractive and flexible. It’s best to prepare a checklist of your requirements and must-haves, so when you are comparing quotes, you are comparing apples with apples instead of oranges. Pay attention to the details of window fittings and door locks as well as floor space.
How Do I Know What Size of Mobile Office I Need to Rent?

The office size you need depends on the number of people using and visiting an office plus any storage requirements. The smallest amount of office space required per person is around 75 square feet, but to be comfortable, most people need a minimum of 100 square feet.
What Size of Mobile Office
It’s not a straight calculation – two people will work in 120 square feet, and five people can work in 150 square feet. The actual amount you need depends on furniture, people, and usage.
How many people do you need to accommodate?

The number of people depends on desk workers who are “permanently” in the office and the number of visitors. Visitors may be happy with a chair, or you may need to include a meeting table to accommodate regular meetings for discussion and work.
Plus, you might need to add a hot desk for staff who may use the office one day a week but not at the same time.

How much available site space do you have?

A mobile office can fit inside an industrial building like a warehouse or outside in a car park or adjacent land. The site space needs to be the right shape and size to accommodate your chosen mobile office – that means room to get in and out of the office as well. The site needs to be level, and you need enough space for the footprint of the office plus about an extra six feet length to accommodate delivery.

How much usable space is available?

Only having sufficient site space isn’t the end of the story. Your staff and visitors may need car parking spaces, plus your office needs access to utilities and power supplies.
The best way of working out how much space is enough is to play with graph paper and block out where the furniture will go or measure up your existing space as a guide to what you need. Remember to allow space for people to move around and get into and out of the office.