Mobile Offices

Mobile Offices 
Mobile Offices
A standard storage office is delivered to your place and up and running as quickly as you connect it to power. Compare the speed and cost-saving of planning and building a new office – the saving of time, money, and stress is immense.
What are Office Containers?

An office container is an office built inside an all-purpose steel box shipping container. The office storage container is strong, durable steel on the outside and fully functional office on the inside. Any location or industry where you need an office - fast, choose mobile office trailers. Our standard office storage container is a proper office – professionally finished interior, air conditioning, heating, lighting, window, and a door. It functions like any other office but with all the added benefits offered by flexible and adaptable office containers.
What are Ground Level Office Containers?
Ground Level Office Containers
Think about an office mobile trailer like a building block -you can stack one on top of the other. You can walk through the door of the bottom office because the door is at ground level. The top office needs you to climb a flight of stairs and is more difficult to access.You can park mobile offices trailers on a site for ease of use – stairs access the office, but when the time comes to remove the office, the trailer hooks up to the truck and tows away without fussGround-level office storage containers are positioned on the ground giving easy walk-in access to staff and visitors. A ground-level trailer's office combines with a shallow ramp to give excellent disability access and convenience.
Mobile or Modular?

The choice of a mobile office or a modular office depends on your business operation and growth needs. Both create useable and functional offices.
Mobile Offices
When we are talking about mobile office trailers, we are describing a converted container that is perfectly sized and shaped to fit on a truck trailer. It's super easy to move from location to location – like a mobile home. It creates a familiar office wherever you park it.
A mobile trailer office is ideal when you want a speedy office with the flexibility of changing location – for a larger team, you increase the number of units. A mobile trailer office is ideal for construction site offices or pop-up uses like mobile clinics or salesrooms.
Mobile Office Pros & Cons

• Can rent or buy
• Ready to use and easy to move

• Rectangular layout
• Floor space limited by container size
Modular Office
You create a modular office from – modules. It can be a prefabricated building like a garden shed or created by using shipping containers as the basic office module. The shipping containers can be combined to build a bigger integrated office with more floor space for larger teams. You can still move a modular office to another location, but it takes a bit more planning and effort.
A modular office is ideal for building a large office in a semi-permanent location when you want all your employees in one building. A modular office takes slightly longer to construct than a mobile trailer office. A modular office is an economical way of expanding your business premises.
Shipping containers welded together and then fitted out as a seamless unit create our range of modular offices. The options range from creating a larger floor area to interlocking rooms or a combination of both. Flooring, ceiling, and wall finishes give a cohesive interior that is a bright, clean, and comfortable workspace.
Why Choose a Mobile Office?
Why Choose a Mobile Office
• Secure
• Temporary
• Flexible
• High Quality
• Mobility
• Multipurpose
• Affordable
• Readily Available
Mobile offices offer businesses many benefits compared with fixed office space, including:
Highly Secure

Highly Secure

A heavy-duty steel body with reinforced windows and doors makes a secure office, both when your staff are in the office and when locked up at night and over weekends. Mobile office trailers have automatic security features because of the nature of their construction. We weld on lockboxes as an added security feature. Shipping containers withstand the rigors of life at sea and multiple loading and unloading. By comparison, life as an office is less demanding, and you benefit from excellent safety and security as standard.


When you opt to add additional office space with office storage containers, the bulk of the construction process of creating a room is in place. The walls, ceiling, and floor only need finishing to create a useable office. The labor, time, and materials saving make trailer offices extremely affordable compared with the alternatives. Also, the amount of staff time your business saves in looking for suitable temporary accommodation, negotiating with landlords, and all the other incidental costs adds up to a substantial further saving.
flexible and adaptable

Flexible and Adaptable

An office storage container gives you flexibility. You don't need a massive amount of space or site preparation – a flat area or car park provides a suitable base. You add in as many mobile offices as you need to accommodate your staff and business needs. Stacking units to provide a mini high-rise office (with appropriate stairs) makes the best use of a small area while still providing plenty of practical and useful workspace.


Portable and temporary, straightforward to install, use, and remove offices – mobile solutions to business needs that provide flexible space only when needed are an ideal management solution in many industries. Sometimes you need extra room for staff for a few weeks or months – during a refurbishment or repairing flood damage, for example, you don't want to enter into an extended lease arrangement when you only need a temporary office.
temporary home base

Temporary Home Base

If you find yourself in need of a temporary home base for your business, flexible mobile office trailers meet your needs. There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of a temporary solution – moving from one site to another with an unexpected delay or an unexpected event like an office fire or flood. Using a rapidly delivered storage office keeps your business running efficiently and cost-effectively.
high quality

High Quality and Built to Last

Our shipping containers are all-steel (14 Gauge), weatherproof boxes. Offices created from shipping containers benefit from the strength and safety of a heavy-duty steel container. The mobile office trailers are high-quality, durable structures with built-in protection from the elements and potential intruders. Shipping containers are fire and flood-proof, making them ideal construction modules for mobile offices.
portable office

Portable Office and Storage Container Combo

Sometimes you need office space with additional storage space. Combo office storage containers have an office and a storage area. This combination is useful in many applications from a construction site office that needs a small office space with useful extra space for tools and safety equipment. Or a sales office trailer split into a customer-facing office with a dedicated storage area for brochures and sample packs – ideal for an uncluttered professional appearance in the sales area.
readily available

Readily Available

Constructing an office needs skilled workers and involves a construction site – regardless of the size of the desired office space. Office storage containers are delivered and ready to use. Modular constructions take a little longer but are still quicker than traditional construction methods – the durable steel frame is already in place. When you need extra office space in a hurry, mobile office containers are straightforward and ready to accommodate your staff as soon as they are delivered.
What Can You Expect from a Container Office?

We start creating our office storage container by adding a door and window. The standard office container has a side opening door and a window with a metal grill as a security feature. We fit our office trailers to a consistently high standard. You get a functional office delivered to your chosen location. All you need is a power supply connection, then add staff and furniture.
Heating and Cooling Systems
A heating and a cooling system are essential for providing a comfortable all year round working environment. Our mobile trailer offices are suitable for hot summer months and cold winter ones because we fit air conditioning and heating as a standard.
No one can run an office without electricity, and an office storage container comes with the necessary wiring and fitting to provide lights, switches, and power outlets to service your power needs. We use qualified electricians, and our electrical fittings meet safety and professional standards.
Interior Finish
Every trailer office comes with a clean-finished interior – floor, ceiling, and walls. If you need an upgrade, our experienced team can fit and finish your office trailer to any standard and use your chosen materials. A professional sales office trailer interior may benefit from corporate colors and more luxurious finishes and carpet.
Storage Room
The layout of an office storage unit is flexible – all office, all storage, or a combination of the two. There are plenty of reasons why an office needs a dedicated storage area – lockers for staff possessions, stationery, sales materials, printer areas, and record keeping. Every office needs unique storage facilities depending on the business needs. A training office needs to store workshop materials and presentation tools, for example.
Is it Better to Buy or Rent Your Office Trailer?
The comparison of costs is not straightforward because, along with the capital outlay on a purchased office trailer is the upkeep and maintenance. When extensive transport costs or changing amounts of space and purpose feature in your business cycle, it may be more economical to rent. Specific needs that require extensive modification of the office trailer – turning the office trailer into a mobile dental clinic, for example, may necessitate a purchased office trailer that we customize with our professional team to your precise specification. Ask yourself the questions below before choosing to buy or rent a mobile office trailer.
• How long do you need the office space?
• How frequently do you need a mobile office?
• How often the mobile office space needs to move between locations.
• Do you have suitable transport or is this an additional cost?
We have extensive experience in modifying office storage containers for all purposes, and our friendly team can help provide all the necessary information for making the buy or rent decision.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the average cost of a Mobile Office?
We can guarantee a competitive price for your mobile office with all the quality extras, help, and advice thrown in as part of the package. Generally, the costs of renting a mobile office are significantly cheaper than buying unless you are looking at a semi-permanent office solution lasting three years or more. Even then, renting lets you flex your space requirement up and down in a matter of days with minimal costs.
What Mobile Office Trailer Sizes are available?
We can custom build any office size by combining office storage containers. Your decision depends on how many staff you need to accommodate and what your office delivers. Alternatively, you can choose a standard in-stock office trailer.Larger floor space costs more, but you need enough space to suit your staff and your storage needs. You also need to accommodate extra considerations like frequency and number of visitors, restroom facilities, and necessary furniture and equipment.
Do you need Insurance Coverage for Your Mobile Office?
We have business insurance to cover our trailers for our business needs. When you rent or buy a mobile office trailer, you need insurance cover for your use of the portable office – same as renting or purchasing any fixed office. We can help you arrange insurance coverage for your mobile office trailer, and our careful attention to security features makes the premium costs lower than for other types of offices.