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Buying Mobile Office Trailers: What You Need to Know
If you've decided to buy a mobile office, you need to consider if you are going for a new or a refurbished model. Before you can decide on new or refurbished, you need to know what size and type of office you need.
The advantage of buying new is that you can have the mobile office trailer constructed to your precise needs. Buying a refurbished model saves on the initial outlay, but you need to check the condition – the same as buying a used car. When you are comparing costs of a new or a refurbished office trailer, add up the total bill – repainting, modifying, and repairs, for the full cost picture.
Advantages of Buying Mobile Offices
A mobile office is a prefabricated office that is ready to use, and the capital outlay is considerably less than constructing new office space. Plus, if you want to upgrade or change your mobile office, it has a potential resale value as it can be picked up and moved to another place – unlike a constructed office. The advantages of buying a mobile office are affordability, flexibility, and speed.


If you want to use your mobile office for years, then buying rather than renting saves money over the life of the office. You can choose to buy outright, installments, or a rent to buy option for flexibility in managing your cash flow.


You can buy a basic standard or opt for a high level of customization. Buying mobile offices lets you increase your business premises in straightforward increments. Buying mobile offices as you need the space also helps spread the capital cost of business growth over time.


Finally – buying a mobile office trailer is fast compared with building or renting new premises—no costs and hassle of moving – affordable fuss-free extra space when you need it. Choosing a mobile office won’t extend your project schedule.
Solutions for Your Business
Are your staff crowded into a too-small space with decreased morale and a drop in productivity? Do you need to expand your business into a new area but can't find suitable premises? Does your site manager need an office, but the construction site is miles from the nearest town? Do you want to impress your potential clients at an upcoming trade event? There are plenty of reasons why your business can benefit from the addition of a mobile office. Mobile offices are a top solution when it comes to:
· Business growth outstripping your current premises.
· Need for a satellite office in a remote location.
· Site offices – site managers, security buildings, salesrooms.
· Providing mobile sales and marketing space at events and festivals.
· Mobile delivery of services at other locations.
What's the Difference between Portable Buildings, Mobile Offices, and Office Trailers?
Portable Buildings
Portable Buildings
A portable building is a prefabricated building designed to be temporary or semi-permanent. It can be removed from a site, packed onto the back of a truck, taken to a new location, positioned, and hooked up to power.
Mobile Offices
Mobile Offices
A mobile office is a complete office that is pre-assembled for delivery as a working office. A shipping container or motorhome is ideal for conversion to a mobile office. converts shipping containers into mobile offices for extra security.
These types of container offices are standard on construction sites as construction site offices for project managers and as a mobile office for sales staff. Portable offices are popular in use across many other industries outside construction because they are flexible and adaptable to a multitude of applications, from temporary office space to pop up clinics.
Who uses Mobile Office Trailers?
Anyone who needs an extra amount of or any, working space can benefit from a mobile office trailer. The following list of people who use mobile office trailers is not exhaustive. If you need an office, a mobile office trailer gives you everything a conventional office gifts plus flexibility and affordability.
· Mobile classrooms
· Mobile clinics
· Writer rooms
· Salesrooms
· Satellite offices in remote areas
· Home businesses
· Security offices
· Ticket offices
Typical Mobile Office Designs
Mobile Office Designs
Mobile Office Designs
You might think that the only mobile office available is a standard rectangular box that fits a couple of people. Mobile offices are way more flexible than that. There are the basics – partitioning, doors, windows, and layout. Then there are all the other optional modifications for included storage, restrooms, and joining mobile offices together by stacking on top or alongside.
The typical construction site office uses a single storage container – size appropriate to need. But you can create any office layout by joining storage containers together. Retaining the easy mobility of a trailer office means it is best to keep the office inside the boundaries of one storage container. If movement isn't a factor in your plans, then you can be creative in your layout.
The inside layout is super flexible and takes account of how many people need to use the office – permanently or just visiting. Storage areas are optional, and so is how you position the doors, windows, and vents.
Frequently Asked Questions
You can build a house inside a storage container, so an office is unremarkable. Plenty of people take advantage of the affordable, flexible nature of storage units as their first choice of office space. The conversion of the storage unit to office space creates a typical office environment that is superior to some low-rent places available on the market.
A storage unit for storage doesn't have an electrical outlet as a standard. Part of the conversion to office space is professional wiring for lights and outlets. If you need a storage unit with electrical outlets for creating a workshop, for example, it's a straightforward modification.