$165.00 - $247.50
• This secure unit is great for small jobsites and security offices.
• Our mobile offices are perfect for any job that requires an on-site work space. These units come complete with finished interior, AC/heat unit, and side window and door for easy access. These units are unique in that they offer the strength and safety of a container along with the comfort of an office.
• Dimensions: 10' L x 8.5' H x 8.0' W
• Capacity: 80 square feet
• Price includes liability insurance.
• This product is not available in San Diego area.
Frequently Asked Questions
• What is the Difference between a Storage Container, Shipping Container, Conex Box?
When you start looking for metal containers for storage or other applications, you find plenty of names that seem to be interchangeable. Do they all mean the same thing? Yes and no. Yes, these names refer to metal boxes that store a heap of stuff. And no, all metal storage containers are not the same. There are plenty of names for all-purpose storage metal containers like freight containers, cargo containers, ISO containers, sea containers, and sea cans. But the main terms are Shipping Containers, Storage Containers, Conex box.

• How Long Can I Rent a Storage Container?
Your rental period is flexible. We also offer rolling contracts with a few weeks’ notice. We pride ourselves on our “can-do’ attitude, and we are happy to work out a deal that gives you a storage container rental agreement that meets your needs both now and in the future.

Product Dimensions
10ft Storage Container Dims
Delivery Clearance Zone *
60ft Delivery Clearance Zone
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1. This product is not available in San Diego area.

2. Delivery Clearance Zone
At least 60' feet of straight line space required for delivery.

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