Ultimate Guide for Mobile Office Trailers

Ultimate Guide for Mobile Office Trailers

Oct 15th 2021

What are the Benefits of Using Office Trailers

When you need to set up or grow a business, one of the most expensive elements is the cost of housing your staff. You need to house your team and give them the tools to do their work and provide opportunities to interact and create new ideas.

Any industry can benefit from the strategic use of an office trailer for both short-term and more permanent solutions to provide a high-quality workspace for their teams because, compared to traditional office spaces, they are convenient, affordable, and efficient.

The creative applications of mobile offices can create a new business or save and enhance an existing one.

Mobile Office Applications

Temporary Offices Emergency Crisis Structures
Temporary Offices Emergency Crisis Structures
There are plenty of other occasions when you might want a temporary office – extra staff for short term projects or working on client premises but needing dedicated space for your team. A mobile office trailer is perfect for any temporary office need – you just need the space to park it. Sensible business owners have a business recovery plan for when the worse happens. Writing the use of mobile offices trainers into your disaster recovery plan means your staff knows how to get your business up and running when faced with the worst-case scenario. If your offices are unusable for any reason -fire, flood, or falling roof, a combination of office storage containers creates business premises for your staff and goods efficiently and quickly.
Conference Rooms Box Office
Conference Rooms Box Office
Are you starting a business? Many businesses can run from home, but cramped home conditions do not give you that professional feeling. Plus, it's hard to separate your home and work life. When you are interviewing and employing staff and inviting clients to meet you, the home setting is not ideal. A trailer office gives you a professional set up from day one. Commercial operations need mobile office containers for extra room for growth and development, storage, sales, and other business needs. A mobile office trailer gives the ideal base for a trade show or convention and a versatile sales or PR office at any outdoor event. Business needs vary, but needing versatile workspace is shared across all industries.
Healthcare Disaster Relief
Healthcare Disaster Relief
Customizing trailer offices to provide dedicated clinic space is straightforward. Standard mobile office trailers are ideally suited for consulting and treatment rooms when fitted with the necessary equipment. Any healthcare need – dentistry, optician, screening, and consultation is suitable for a flexible trailer office delivered to a chosen location. Mobile offices let dedicated health professionals take their services on location to meet local needs. Large or small-scale disasters need office space. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of a major catastrophe, but teams of relief workers need to be managed and looked after. In a disaster zone, there are unlikely to be any useable buildings. It makes sense to ship in mobile office trailers to do the job.

The Key Benefits of Mobile Offices Include:

Speed Quality and Value Flexible
Speed Quality and Value Flexible
There's no time delay to build or rent a mobile office, you order what you want, and it is delivered – fast. Mobile offices are affordable, high-quality office spaces that are within the budget of the smallest business and keep your running costs down. An office trailer is an effective way to provide staff with an office anywhere. This means you don’t need to try to find an office in a remote area or pay high rental costs for a business office that doesn’t suit your needs.

Prepping Your Site for Delivery

When you are buying or renting a mobile office, it is worth spending the extra time and effort on making sure your site is ideal for delivery.

In theory, any site that is reasonably level with firm ground will accommodate a trailer office. Your state may have building codes and planning requirements for mobile offices that specify the nature and amount of support needed.

In practice, how much site preparation depends on what the office trailer is being used for. Our experience in delivering and positioning mobile offices means we know that you want answers to these questions:

What Kind of Site Prep Do I Need Before Delivery?

The first stage is to clear any debris from the site to present a level and firm surface for the office.

Hard-standing surfaces– concrete, tarmac, or paving slabs are ideal for a mobile trailer as they provide a firm weatherproof base that is easy to walk on for access to and from the office.

Railroad ties and concrete blocks can create level foundations and support for the mobile office in rough terrain.

What Kind of Surfaces Can Accommodate a Mobile Office?

Any surface can accommodate a mobile office, but hard-standing surfaces are ideal for supporting the trailer office while providing easy access for staff and visitors.

Hard-packed dirt is functional, but it can make working conditions unpleasant if it rains and turns into mud. If packed dirt is the only option, provide a path or decked walkway to protect shoes and floors.

What if my Site is Soft Terrain?

Soft terrain can be modified, with concrete blocks or hardwood, to create a firm foundation and distribute the weight of the mobile office. In the case of exceptionally soft ground, trailer jacks can provide support and leveling. Some states insist that mobile offices rest on concrete blocks as a secure foundation with other site requirements.

How Much Space Do I Need?

You need enough space to accommodate the office trailer floor space plus extra to allow access and routine maintenance. You also need enough space for delivery so the truck can reverse onto the site to unload the trailer. Allow an extra six feet on the length of the office to accommodate this.

A mobile office is the best choice when you need to accommodate extra staff, set up in a remote location, or take your business on the road to events and promotions. Mobile offices are a powerful business tool that lets you rapidly take advantage of business opportunities without excessive expenditure or long-term commitments that might not pay off.

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