How to Incorporate Storage Containers Into Your CSLP

How to Incorporate Storage Containers Into Your CSLP

Oct 19th 2022

Construction Site Layout Planning (CSLP) is essential to the success of any construction project. The CSLP is responsible for deciding where to place temporary buildings, storage, materials, and equipment for maximum efficiency.

Good site layout planning saves both money and effort by:
• Minimizing travel and waiting time.
• Smooth flow of materials and equipment.
• Improved worker morale for health, safety, and comfort.

Thoughtful construction site layout planning using shipping containers means workers have easy access to everything they need, site deliveries are straightforward, and offices are placed in prime locations.

Why Is Placement of Construction Containers Important?

If you put your site office or storage in a non-optimal position on your construction site, you may:

• Impede work by blocking access to utilities and other infrastructure.
• Create a poor working environment through noise and dust.
• Create health and safety risks for workers and visitors.
• Decrease accessibility for materials and equipment.

Where you put your site office or storage container unit determines accessibility, security, and can affect worker morale. A poor placement may mean a loss of money and time as your project develops.

What Do You Need to Consider for Your CSLP?

Some of the critical factors in planning where to put your container, whether you are using it for office or storage space include:
• How will the container be used
• How much space it will take
• Comfort
• Location placement
• Storage requirements

How Will the Container Be Used

How Will the Container Be Used A container used as a construction site office is able to provide space for managers, sales staff, consultants, visitors, and anyone else who has access the site. You’ll also have to consider whether or not you’ll need to use a container as a storage facility that workers can access daily. By working out the purpose of the container, you’ll be able to decide the best position for the container within the site boundaries.

How Much Space Will It Take

Calendar icon Your container must fit within your construction site’s boundaries as the amount of space the container uses will influence how you plan out the site. To provide everyone the space they need while minimizing the size footprint, you can interlink or stack containers where applicable. This allows for a more convenient and stream-lined workflow throughout the duration of your project. Overall, containers provide scalability as modular building blocks to create the infrastructure you need for an office or storage space onsite.

Comfort Matters

Calendar icon Conditions on a construction site can become unpleasant due to weather, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures long periods of time. For containers used as an office, it is best to have air-conditioning and/or heaters to keep everyone working on the site more comfortable. A container office offers climate control, space, appropriate furniture, as well as other facilities you need for a professional working environment that can fit into your CSLP.

Location Placement

Calendar icon
When adding a storage container to your CSLP and deciding its placement, the following should be considered:
• It’s ability to connect to power and water.
• The amount of noise and dust pollution.
• The ability to relocate it as the project develops.
• It’s accessibility for visitors.
• It’s accessibility for office delivery and removal.
• The health and safety of workers and visitors.
• The security needed for equipment and/or paperwork.

Workers should be able to access the container without having to walk far distances for equipment and materials and visitors should be able to easily access the site office without walking through an active construction area.

Storage Requirements

Calendar icon Knowing how much storage space you need is an important factor to think about when making your CSLP, and when deciding the type of container to rent. For example, you can opt for a shipping container office that can be used as part office and part storage or use a shipping container solely for storage.

Other Benefits of Using Shipping Containers in CSLP

Incorporating shipping containers, either as storage or office space, into your CSLP has multiple advantages, including:
• Size – standard shipping containers are ideal modules with standard sizes.
• Portability – containers can be moved after placement, if necessary.
• Durable – structures are strong, weather, and fire-resistant.
• Secure – high-quality Corten steel and the use of appropriate locks.
• Versatile – storage, office, welfare, and many more.
• Affordable and readily available to rent or buy.

Modified shipping containers are reliable units with known parameters for whatever site infrastructure you need.

What Are the Alternatives to Shipping Containers?

While there are alternatives to using a shipping container, they tend to have disadvantages to them that would make the container a better option. For example, instead of using a shipping container office in your CSLP, you can opt for:

• Trailer offices.
• Temporary construction.

A trailer office remains on the chassis and requires steps to access, which may not suit all potential visitors to your site office. The other significant disadvantage is the lack of flexibility – you can't stack or interlink trailer offices. Modified shipping containers are a more scalable option for multiple or combined offices and storage units.

Temporary buildings mean using and disposing of materials at the beginning and end of the construction project as well as taking the time to construct them. Erecting a temporary building also adds delays and expenses to your project while an affordable rented shipping container office arrives when you need it and returns easily when your project ends.

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