6 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs a Shipping Container

6 Reasons Your Construction Site Needs a Shipping Container

Apr 25th 2023

Shipping containers have revolutionized the trade and shipping industry. These containers also have many other uses that don’t just involve overseas shipments. From using them as homes in intermodal buildings to being used as extra home storage, shipping containers have a wide variety of roles they can fulfill. One role that has become increasingly common is the on-site job office created from a customized storage container.

All types of shipping containers have now become common on construction sites and for good reasons. These containers are not just strong, since they’re made from Corten steel, but also secure and versatile enough for a range of uses that cover most of what you’ll need onsite. Also referred to as a mobile office, these storage containers are outfitted with any number of customizations to allow them to be used as an on-site-office for a large project. They may have a finished interior, AC and heating, doors and windows, and other additions such as necessary security measures. This allows them to provide a usable and workable space that meets your needs.

There are multiple benefits that come from the addition of an on-site/mobile office. Depending on what it is set up to do, it can provide a space to relax for workers or just easier access to much-needed paperwork for management. These storage containers are truly what you make of them.

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Let’s explore more of the details of why using a storage container for on-site needs is such a great idea.

6 Benefits to Having Onsite Shipping Containers

If you are still wondering if using a storage container on your project site is the right choice, then it may help to consider the following benefits.

1. Helps with Theft Prevention

Helps with Theft Prevention

Theft of materials and construction equipment is one of the biggest risks construction companies face, with annual losses up to $1 billion. Not only does this negatively impact your bottom line, but it can also cause jobs to be delayed while waiting for more materials to be acquired. The best way to stop theft is to keep all tools and equipment locked up tight when everyone leaves for the day.

Storage containers provide a strong, secure space to store your equipment and materials. Containers are already secure but can be made more so with added measures, such as lock boxes. Keeping your project’s materials and equipment protected can help keep you on budget and prevent unnecessary losses of both time and money.

2. Provides Coverage in (almost) Any Weather Conditions
Provides Coverage in (almost) Any Weather Conditions

A storage container won’t just keep your building materials and equipment safe from sticky fingers, it will also help to protect it from troublesome weather. Being made of Corten steel has its benefits when it comes to keeping your items safe in rain or shine.

Shipping containers are fire-resistant up to 2,500 °F before they may start to melt. As for regular rain, hail, or wind, a container can easily withstand those conditions and keep anything inside dry and safe from damage. Much like how a storage container can help with budget and project timelines by keeping them safe from theft, they provide the same perks by keeping needed materials free of water damage, fire damage, and more.

3. Diverse Sizing and Set-Up Options
Diverse Sizing and Set-Up Options

Need a small office? Maybe an office and storage combination? Or do you only need storage for construction materials and equipment? Whatever your needs are, there’s a shipping container for it! Containers commonly come in 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot sizes allowing customers to find the perfect size they need for their project.

The versatility of containers is one of the benefits of using them on your site. They can be used in almost any application. Not to mention, shipping containers are stackable, allowing you to use multiples, even if you are running tight on space. Regardless of what you need a container for, it can get the job done.

4. Modification Options to Meet Your Needs
Modification Options to Meet Your Needs

While there are many shipping container types and sizes, sometimes you need something unique that isn’t normally sold. Luckily, when you work with a storage container provider like, you’ll have the ability to get customizations done prior to delivery. This ensures that your container will be modified to best meet your needs.

Some options for modifications include a variety of changes such as:
• Adding doors, windows, vents.
• Added security from window bars and lock boxes.
• Added insulation for better temperature control.

If you need a container that can open on both sides, you can purchase a container fitted with double swing steel doors on both sides. If you’re storing important materials or equipment and are worried about condensation becoming an issue, getting a container with a vent will help air it out and keep items dry. Whatever your needs are, a modified container can provide a viable solution.

5. Convenient Storage Space
Convenient Storage Space

Having materials available and close by is not only convenient but a huge time and money saver. Utilizing a storage container onsite allows you to buy your materials in bulk which helps you save money while keeping an excess of supplies on hand. It can also help cut down time when picking up more materials on the job.

6. Provides Space for Employees and Clients Alike
Provides Space for Employees and Clients Alike

The versatile uses that a storage container can provide means you can use them to improve employee satisfaction and help with clients as well.

For example, you may outfit a storage container with AC and a finished interior to provide employees with a break room. This can improve employee satisfaction and morale, which helps keep your projects on track.

You can also outfit your container to serve as a mobile office which is ideal for planning and meeting with clients or business partners. Plus, you can also set the office up to store paperwork, which helps reduce the chance of lost or left-behind plans.

Rent or Buy to Stay On-Budget

If you are still wondering if using a storage container on your project site is the right choice, then it may help to consider the following benefits.

Is a budget limitation stopping you from getting a storage container that you really could use? Then it may help to know that you can rent or buy the container of your choosing, according to what your budget allows.

If you don’t want to put in the investment up front or are unsure about your job timeline, renting is a great option so you can keep the container around for only as long as you need before returning it. Buying is a good option if you know you’ll be using the container for a long period of time and need the ability to customize it as much as you want.

Having this flexibility in purchasing options can help you save money in the long run. It’s one of the many reasons offers options to rent or buy—we want to help make it easier for you to stay on budget.

Rent or Buy to Stay On-Budget Has the Containers You Need

Whether you need a 10-foot container or a 20-foot office and storage combination container, our team has what you need. As a family-owned business for over 40 years, we know everything there is to know about working with storage containers. We can personally help you figure out what container will suit you best. Give us a call or get a free quote online today!

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