5 Modifications to Improve Your Storage Container

5 Modifications to Improve Your Storage Container

Jul 12th 2023

Depending on your needs and budget, storage containers can provide a usable base for any number of projects and purposes, from housing to food storage, office space, and more. The catch is that shipping containers don’t usually come from the manufacturer prepped to be whatever you can think of. A conex box starts out as just that, a box. Modifications are what readies these containers for the different ways that people can use them. Along with making it easy to buy or rent storage containers, can also handle several shipping container modifications. Read on to find out more!

When To Consider Container Modifications

You’ll need to consider modifying your shipping container based on what you plan to use it for. Take the time to determine whether your container is perfectly suited to your needs as is. For example, a shipping container used to transport plastic items that won’t warp with heat or moisture is likely not to need many changes. In contrast, a container used for construction site storage may need ventilation and added security measures at the minimum. Make sure to consider what you really need from your container. The changes that you can make are varied and can handle a variety of important modifications.

Why Skip DIY Container Modifications?

We know that you are resourceful, and you have a budget to stick to. However, a DIY modification attempt could increase the risk of that budget going to waste. The unfortunate reality is that a lot can go wrong with a DIY attempt and leave you responsible for the cost of the materials and time spent trying to get the job done. What’s more, once you cut into a wall or roof of a container to try to make a modification, you may not be able to easily get things back to their original state. We can help you figure out affordable modification options, so you don’t have to put your budget at risk with a DIY project.

5 Container Modifications to Consider

Need modifications for your storage container before it arrives on-site? We’re happy to help. Some of the modifications that we can provide include:

1. Doors
Roll up Doors You may be thinking, “Wait, don’t storage containers come with a giant door by default?” While the answer is yes, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with that large door for every container. We can outfit your container with roll-up doors or swing doors of different sizes, depending on your preference. You may also want to consider our mobile offices, which come with different door options as well.
2. Sliding Windows
Sliding Windows Maybe you need to let a little light into your container. For offices, showrooms, and other needs, a window can be a great addition, making it easy to get natural light throughout the day and lower your electricity use. We can modify your container with sliding windows that let in light and air.
3. Security Bars
Security Bars That window brings in some much-needed light, but it also creates an entry point for someone who may want to try to steal what is in your shipping container. If this is something you worry about, you may want to consider installing steel security bars on your container. This extra security measure wards off unwanted intruders and keeps your items where they belong.
4. Lock Boxes
Lock Boxes We don’t stop at security bars. We can also install lock boxes to improve the safety of your storage container. These lock boxes make it easy to lock up at night and walk away knowing that no one is getting in to steal anything, whether that be office chairs, paperwork, or building supplies.
5. Ventilation
Ventilation Need to keep air flowing? We can install either roof turbine vents or louvered vents to help with that. Roof vents help remove warm air and keep things cooler without the need for any energy use. Louvered vents can provide airflow while keeping rain and debris outside. Whether you need one or both, our team is going to get the job done.
Get Your Storage Container Modified Your Way

Storage containers can serve many different purposes. Our modification offerings make it even easier to use a storage container for just about anything you can think of. We want to make sure that you have a chance to get the container that meets your needs. From pre-modified mobile offices to containers with just one modification, you can count on to help.

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