10 Tips to Organize Your Storage Container

10 Tips to Organize Your Storage Container

Dec 11th 2023

When using a shipping container for extra storage or a big move, every square inch of space matters. Getting the most out of a container’s storage space starts with keeping it organized. A container that was packed with prior planning and organization will help you maximize your available space to accommodate your needs.

Easier said than done right? Luckily, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started. These are our 10 tips to help keep your container organized and make the most of all that space!

Tips to Keep Your Storage Container Organized

The key to maximizing your shipping container’s storage space is keeping it organized when you’re packing it up. Whether or not you end up filling the entire thing front to back, or only placing a few items inside, these organization tips are made to help you utilize that space efficiently and effectively.

1. Plan Before You Start
Plan Before You Start Before you even start moving your stuff into a storage container, you should have a plan laid out. Without an idea of how you want things to be organized, you’re likely to find better ways and places to store things when you’re already in the middle of moving everything or, worse off, you’ll be left without enough room at the end. Having a plan, like one made from using these tips, will help make sure your container starts with organization to give you the most out of all that space.
2. Pack From the Back to the Front
Pack From the Back to the Front The best way to stay organized while packing is by starting in the very back of your storage container and then filling it up towards the front. Instead of placing items in various places throughout the container as you pack, starting in the back will help you utilize all the available space as you fill up the container.
3. Place Frequently Used Items Up Front
Place Frequently Used Items Up Front Be mindful of items you’ll be needing to frequently get in and out of the container. If you are going to place something you’ll be using somewhat regularly, be sure that it gets placed closer to the front doors of the container rather than stuck in the back somewhere. This way, if you do need to grab something from storage quickly, it will already be up front and much easier to grab without having to dig for it.
4. Leave a Pathway When Possible
Leave a Pathway When Possible If possible or needed, for example if you’re using this a shipping container as shed storage space, you may want to leave a pathway to reach the back. This is helpful if you’re getting into the container frequently so you can have easy access to everything without having to move a ton of other boxes and things out of your way. One method would be filling only the three sides of the container and leaving a space in the middle to reach items on any side.
5. Use Storage Tubs
Use Storage Tubs Plastic tubs are a staple for any move or the storage of belongings, and for a good reason. These tubs are your best alternative to cardboard boxes. While both boxes help keep items organized within the container, plastic tubs are the sturdier option. The tubs can be opened and resealed without hassle, they’ll hold up better over years of use and they can help protect items from water damage. They’ll keep your container organized and help protect your belongings in the long run.
6. Group Similar Items (group by room)
Group Similar Items Another way to stay organized when loading a storage container is by keeping like items close to one another. For example, if you’re moving and packing up your whole house, you may want to organize your container by room and keep all the kitchen items together. If you’re using it as excess storage, you can keep all the Christmas decorations together so they’re all in one place for you to pull out. Just by grouping similar items together helps you keep your storage organized within your shipping container.
7. Label What You Store
Label What You Store The number one way to keep organized, no matter what you’re organizing, is to keep what you’re packing away labelled. When you store items inside boxes or tubs, always be sure to adequately label what’s inside. Labels keep you organized by telling you what’s inside each box so you know which ones need to stay near one another and for later when you need to go back and retrieve something from storage.
8. Keep Labels Visible
Keep Labels Visible Labels are useless if you’re unable to see them, so make sure to keep them visible! Whether that means placing boxes label side out or labeling every side of your storage boxes is up to you, but it’s important to make sure they’re easy to see when you do decide to go searching for something. With labelled boxes that you can see, you’ll be able to easily locate what you’re looking for instead of having to search for it.
9. Heavier on Bottom, Lighter on Top
Heavier on Bottom, Lighter on Top One of the most important basics of packing or any type of storage is keeping your heavier items closer to the floor. The same goes for your shipping container. While packing, always make a conscious effort to place heavier items towards the bottom of the container to prevent any injuries or damage to some of your more fragile items.
10. Add Shelving & Customizations
Add Shelving & Customizations Depending on what you decide to use your shipping container’s storage space for, you may want to look into customizing your container to fit your specific needs. Installing shelving or racks in the container can add more storage space and give your container a cleaner, more organized look. If you’re looking for something less permanent, try standing shelves or racks you can pop onto the sides of the container.
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