Construction Storage Containers
Construction Storage Containers
Construction sites are one of the first industries to spot and take advantage of smart Jobsite storage containers for site offices, break rooms, and naturally - storage. Storage containers are no longer the exclusive property of large shipping companies - these flexible, adaptable weatherproof steel boxes have plenty of alternative uses.
Storage Container Use on Construction Sites
On a domestic project, construction storage boxes securely store all a family's beloved possessions on or offsite, keeping them safe and secure and letting you get on with the job. Removing furniture, clothing, and other items into a storage area relieve the pressure on a family's living arrangements while their construction project is completed – ultimately saving time and expense.
Construction sites vary from a blank sheet to huge refurbishments and modest domestic extensions. The available space and useable facilities vary between places, but flexible construction storage containers from us add value to all construction sites. A construction storage container doesn't need much in the way of site preparation – ideally level, smooth, and firm is enough. Plain dirt isn't a problem if it's packed firm enough.
You can buy your own job site storage containers if you have the facilities to move them around or are going to be on-site for an exceptionally long time. Most projects opt for construction container rental because we deliver and take away saving the hassle of site clearance at the end of the job. Plus, you only have the storage container for the precise amount of time needed, like all the other equipment on site. Various sizes give you the right amount of storage space for the minimum footprint on your busy construction site.
Benefits of Construction Storage Containers
Construction Storage Containers
Storage: Raw materials securely stored until needed.
Security: Tools are locked away when not in use.
Extra Locker Space: Workers' possessions stay safe and dry while they are working.
Weatherproof: Weather protection for expensive materials. Workers' possessions stay safe and dry while they are working.
Then there is the added value of construction containers adapted for other uses such as on-site offices.
Storing Materials
Ideally, construction materials are delivered on-site when you are ready to use them. In practice, there are always some materials piled up on site. Storing your expensive raw material supply in a secure, weatherproof construction container has many benefits.
· It protects the raw materials from weather damage, so they remain useable.
· It removes the temptation for unauthorized site users (like kids) to access the site.
· It keeps the site tidy by locating raw materials in designated zones – improving site safety.
· It saves time looking for supplies as the Jobsite storage container acts as a mobile stock room.
Tool Storage
Using a construction container as a tool store gives workers and contractors peace of mind and improves site safety and security. Locking tools in a secure Jobsite storage container overnight protects you from robbery as well as reduces the cost of site insurance.
Container-based Ground Level Offices
An on-site office means vital staff can stay on-site rather than splitting their time between site work and office work. It cuts down on travel time between locations and increases productivity. Our ready to plug in, container construction site offices are ideal because:
• They are ready to use on delivery – saving time on constructing a site office.
• When the construction job finishes, we remove the site office
  – saving you time and expense of removal.
• You can choose a different size of office for various construction sites.
• A container construction office is a green choice as it is reusable and eco-friendly.
Container-based ground level offices make excellent salesrooms, site manager's offices, and portable administration office rooms. We can customize construction storage containers to provide many useful rooms to suit your construction business needs.
Versatile Construction Containers
Human ingenuity is a beautiful thing – take a heavy-duty all-steel construction container – you can create an astonishing array of fantastic rooms for almost any purpose.
mobile office
Jobsite storage containers are excellent for the on-site storage of materials and tools. It's a flexible storage option offering from 64 to 320 square feet, and you can mix and match according to your site needs.
Site Managers Office
A site manager or business owner has plenty of office, as well as on-site work, to complete in a day. Laptops and tablets are great for mobile computing, but dedicated office space, instead of making do in a cramped vehicle, is not a luxury but a necessity. An on-site office is an investment in increased productivity. Visitors and workers have a central meeting point with the site manager, and all relevant paperwork – plans, health, and safety, job sheets are conveniently on-site and accessible.
Sales Office
A sales office means you meet potential customers in clean, comfortable surroundings. Thus, setting the tone for their site visit and creating favorable conditions for successful selling.
Security Office
Some construction sites invest in 24-hour security and may have visitors signed in and out of the site. A security officer provides comfort for the staff performing these roles as well as storage for the necessary paperwork and equipment.
Construction Storage Containers: Rental vs. Purchase
Renting or purchasing any tool or equipment needs a cost-benefit analysis of the available options, and each project is different. The factors influencing the decision include:
Project Length
Project Length
If you need the construction container or site office for two years or more, purchasing may be the budget-friendly option. After the project ends, you need to transport the Jobsite storage container to a new site or storage area. Used construction containers have reasonable resale value – reselling at project completion is a viable possibility.
Extensive Modification
Extensive Modification
Some modification of a construction container rental is acceptable – we create doors, windows, and vents to create the ideal room for you if we don't have a suitably modified construction container in stock. Installing mount points for shelving and storage hooks is a standard request. Then there are extensive modifications fitting about a construction storage container for a precise application. These changes mean the construction container is only fit for one purpose by a unique customer. For this type of modification to take place, the customer needs to own the job site storage container.
Construction container rentals are an affordable and efficient investment because you get what you need when you need it, and we deliver it fast to your location. When your containers' construction site usefulness ends, we pick it up, saving you the expense and hassle.
Maintenance Costs
Maintenance Costs
We pick up the bill for any maintenance costs for construction container rentals, so you pay for only the use of the storage or office space. We regularly service our construction containers, and if one of our rentals develops a problem, we give you a replacement.
Offsite Storage
Offsite Storage
You can also rent construction containers at our site for offsite storage of tools and equipment. This cost-effective solution means you can base your main office flexibly without the need for a large storage site. Sometimes buying construction storage containers is cost-effective for long term projects or custom usage. Usually, when you are managing a construction site, flexible rental of construction container powered rooms, and Jobsite storage helps keep your site costs in budget as well as increasing site productivity, security, and safety.
Contractor and Construction Storage Solutions
A construction container starts as a heavy-duty all-steel box that we tailor precisely to your storage needs. Added windows, doors, lights, shelving, and racking can create the storage space that you need on-site.
Most construction sites use a staggering quantity of small components like nails, screws, cable ties, and other fixings, adhesives, and small tools. It makes sense to keep stores in one easy to access location on-site and avoid having little heaps of supplies scattered over the site. A central supply conveniently stored on accessible shelves in a job site storage container makes stocktaking and reordering of supplies streamlined and efficient.
Shelving and racking maximize the efficiency of access to tools, equipment, and raw materials. Different elements need a different solution from clear boxes for small components to hooks for coils of cable and high-value tools.
Storage Unit for Construction Equipment and Specific Tool Storage
Construction containers fitted out for specific tool storage and equipment can be delivered to your site when a project begins. After completion, everything packs back into the storage container for delivery to the next location or storage offsite between projects.
Specifically, customized containers, construction friendly storage, are invaluable for pop-up workshops and toolkits. More complex sites benefit from providing dedicated construction storage containers for individual contractors resulting in smooth, efficient working. Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters all need different tools and materials, Jobsite storage containers mean they access everything they need in one location – saving time and money. A cleverly fitted out construction container can serve as a mobile workshop transported from site to site – everything you need to start working in one fully equipped space. You create your construction site in a fraction of the time when setting up to service a new project.
Storage Containers Are Not Just for Construction
Construction containers are flexible and adaptable for business and domestic use. If you have excess trading stock – rent the square footage you need either at your premises or ours. Extra storage space makes life easier by decluttering homes and offices – there are plenty of items you need to store, but they don't need to be underfoot.
Storage Containers
Whatever you need extra room for - storage, a workshop, craft room, guest quarters, pop-up shop or cafe, additional classroom, or office - creative use of a storage container, construction tailored to your needs is the answer.