Residential Mobile Storage Solutions
Residential Mobile Storage Solutions
Getting the right storage solution is essential when you have items for your home that just won't fit anywhere else. Sometimes, you need a storage solution that can go wherever you are. Shipping containers for homes are a great solution to this problem. You can store your things at a designated storage location or at your home. There are plenty of strong and durable containers available to suit your needs.
Benefits of Using Storage Containers for Homeowners
Containers for Homeowners
When you're looking for a way to keep your things while also getting rid of clutter, you should take a look at storage units.
One of the biggest benefits of getting a storage container for your home is that you'll be able to free up a lot of space.
Whether you want to clear out the garage and attic or have extra room for seasonal clothes, getting a storage unit will help you in the long run. You'll also love residential storage containers because you can keep them on your own property. You can also store them at a facility.
Different Residential Uses for Storage Containers
When you've lived in the same home for several years, you tend to accumulate a lot of things. A residential storage unit can be the perfect way to clean up the clutter.
Seasonal Storage
Seasonal Storage

If you or your spouse loves decorating for each holiday and season, you'll love being able to store decorations in a place other than the garage and attic. That way, you can easily get to all the items you need for Halloween, Christmas, and other major holidays. In fact, it will likely be less hassle than finding the decorations in the garage or attic because you have the space to keep everything organized.

Extend your Closet or Garage Space
Extend your Closet or Garage Space

You can also store furniture, clothes, and other items that you want to be able to give to one of your children in the future. Residential storage containers can keep your belongings safe until it's time to pass them on.If you have baby clothes but plan on having another child, you can keep the clothes in your storage container. Other items like strollers and cribs can also be put into the container for safekeeping.

Why Shipping Containers Should Be Your Next Garage
You can also use a container as a garage. If you need a place to store your vehicles, tools, camping equipment, and other items, a shipping container can be the perfect solution. When you build a garage, you need a building permit, too, which can be another hassle. Plus, using a shipping container as a garage is a great option if you have a car that you're fixing up. You can have space for the car and your tools.
Using a shipping container as a garage is also great because they can be versatile. If you have an extra vehicle around the house because your teenager is driving, you might want to keep it covered. However, if your son or daughter is moving out soon, you won't need that space in a couple of years. Instead, you could use the extra garage space to do some projects around the house. These containers are well worth the price when you consider all that they can be used for.
Shipping Container Garage Conversion
Shipping Container Garage Conversion
Shipping Container Garage Conversion
You'll need to choose a shipping container garage based on the size of your lot as well as the number and size of the vehicles that you want to store. Converting a shipping container to a garage is simple. Just tell a storage facility the size that you need; then, they'll bring it over to your house and place it on your lot.
You can get one big storage container, or you can ask for multiple smaller ones so that you have a container garage for each car that you want to store. You can also have a separate container garage for the tools and equipment that you use to restore vehicles. You have a lot of options, and the choice is yours when you're putting together a storage space that will suit your needs and the size of your lot.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can You Fit a Car in a Shipping Container?
You can absolutely fit a full-size car into a shipping container. All you have to do is measure the size of the car and add a few feet so that getting in and out of the car is easier. Then, choose your storage container size. A compact car will fit into smaller shipping containers, but you can also find larger shipping containers for SUVs and trucks.
How Do I Make Storage at Home?
When you want to make extra storage at home, a portable storage house is the perfect option. Prepare the land by measuring the area so you know how much room you have for your container. You should also clear the area of any plants and debris. Laying down a basic concrete slab is recommended if the container is permanent.
No matter how you choose to install your home storage unit, you can be confident that you'll have a unit that's sturdy. Since metal storage containers are made with durable materials, you can be confident that your belongings are secure.
Can You Use a Shipping Container as a Shed?
If you want to have a shed for all of your gardening and lawn care equipment, a steel container house is a great option. This type of container is the perfect place to put a riding lawnmower, extra soil and landscaping materials, rakes, and many other tools.