Commercial Storage Containers
Versatile and economical commercial storage containers are brilliant for businesses to create extra space for storage and so much more.
Business storage is an essential part of your success, but you need it to be convenient, adaptable, and affordable. When considering a business storage solution, what are the features that make it worthwhile?
Goldilocks Space
You want the right amount of space for your business needs, and you want the options to increase or decrease the amount of space you have so that you always have the Goldilocks storage amount. Storage containers come in a range of sizes, and you can opt for the one that suits you best today and tomorrow. Plus, you might want more than one container so you can rationalize what you are storing – one for archive paperwork and another for inventory.
Safe Storage
Safety and security mean protection from both the environment and people. You need your business property to remain as you left it and where you left it. You don't want to access your office archive to find that mice have taken up residence, or the last thunderstorm turned your paperwork into a solid mass of paper pulp. Neither do you want to see that someone has stolen your valuable stock or prized tools. Your business storage solution needs to offer protection against weather, animals, and people. A commercial storage container is weatherproof and animal proof when locked. People are tricky to keep out, but the commercial container has all-steel construction and is fitted with a secure lockbox to protect your chosen padlock. Business storage units for rent are either delivered to your premises or accessed on a container business site. On your premises, you are responsible for additional security measures like alarms and CCTV. A container business site may have extra security like high fences and security patrols. You may also be able to fit an alarm system to your business storage unit.
Location, Location, Location
Business storage units on your premises are easy for access during the working day. Commercial storage containers on a storage lot mean travel, and proximity to your home or business is an important feature. When you are doing a cost-benefit analysis as part of your storage unit business plan, the access and proximity are a factor in your budget calculations.
Friendly Terms and Affordable
You are in business, and you know that you need to pay attention to the details hidden in the small print – small snares for the unwary that tie you in an expensive long term onerous contract. You need to read the terms – longer rentals tend to be more economical than shorter. Commercial containers are budget-friendly; the terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand – you know in advance what you are getting and how much you need to pay.
When to choose Commercial Storage Containers?
Room to grow
Every business needs space to grow and develop. All companies go through cycles over a financial year and years. Stepping up a business involves extra costs and needs more space, but the trick is to keep your overheads down by the intelligent use of the right space for the right purpose. Paying premium office rents for storage doesn't make business sense when you can get practical, functional storage space at a reduced cost.
Expanding teams
Then there is people space; despite the rush for automation, you need a staff team to get things done. As you grow your business, you add more team members. You shoehorn in an extra desk and computer, and then everywhere is cramped and a little less productive. Plus, it doesn't give a professional appearance to visitors and partners. Available office space may be too large or too small for your needs, or you might want to extend your building. Used shipping containers are excellent building modules for the basis of portable and permanent offices.
Breaking new ground
Perhaps you've found the ideal location for your new business, but there isn't a suitable building, or you are starting a business on a shoestring and need starter space. Whatever business scenario you need to resolve, a commercial shipping container can help provide you with storage or working space.
How to use Commercial Storage Containers in Specific Industries
Do you have this vague feeling that you could do with some extra space for your business, but you are not sure that business storage units for rent are for you because they are mainly for the guys and gals in suits? Your business doesn't fit the storage unit type? Consider the following specific industries and the new and old uses they make of storage container potential.
Do you have this vague feeling that you could do with some extra space for your business, but you are not sure that business storage units for rent are for you because they are mainly for the guys and gals in suits? Your business doesn't fit the storage unit type? Consider the following specific industries and the new and old uses they make of storage container potential. Commercial storage containers are on construction sites to store materials, tools, and equipment to keep the site safe and save money. Between projects, commercial storage boxes keep expensive equipment ready for use and can transport that equipment to the next location. Modified shipping containers provide offices for site managers, security teams and salespeople, as necessary.
Retail and E-Commerce
From pop-up shops to stock storage, any business selling goods can benefit from flexible business storage units to keep their stock dry, clean, and secure until the point of sale. The rise of small businesses trading online means there is a high demand for small-scale warehouses provided by storage containers. There are plenty of reasons why retail businesses need storage containers for their goods, including:
· Seasonal stock
· Overflow stock.
· Secure overnight storage for valuable stock.
· Separating online goods from the shop floor.
· Bargain purchases – an opportunity to buy stock at a low price.
· Promotional offers.
In addition to stock, equipment, packing materials, and display props like Christmas trees, display stands, and signage might need storage until next needed.
Landscaping businesses need storage for tools like a lawnmower, hedge trimmers, tree surgery, mini diggers, and plenty of other hand and power tools. Then there are raw materials for hard and soft landscaping that need storage during and between projects.
Flexible business storage allows landscapers to take advantage of bargain offers and opportunity buys like pond liners and rain barrels – items that they can use with a better profit margin on new commissions and long-term work.
It can be advantageous for a roofer to own scaffolding rather than hiring, but all roofers have ladders, safety equipment, and specialist tool kits. Plus, there are the small fixings and sundries that come in useful but occupy space. A business storage unit with appropriate shelving and accessories keeps all the equipment and supplies in one place and easy to access. When work comes in, the roofing team has everything they need for an immediate start.
Contract Painters
A contract painting service is delivered at the client's premises and needs scaffolding, ladders, drop cloths, rollers, brushes, masking tape, and a whole lot of other supplies, before you think about paint. Commercial storage for small teams or large gives a secure place to store equipment, supplies, and paint between projects and during projects.
A shipping container can provide safe and effective storage for potentially harmful chemicals like paint stripper and mold killer. Many contract painting teams use a home office and smart container storage to keep their business supplies and equipment away from their homes and families.
Interior Designers
Do you need somewhere to put your mood boards, fabric samples, and stunning statement pieces? As an interior designer, you amass plenty of useful and creative ideas and objects for current projects and some that are a fledgling idea of wouldn't that look great? You know you can fill plenty of storage space. But have you considered setting up a display room to showcase your style? Possibly for photographs or a video tour, or to show to clients to help them visualize your ideas. A versatile storage container can help set a scene or two and let you display exciting objects and materials in a neutral space.
Restaurants and Catering Businesses
Any restaurant owner or caterer knows that accidents happen to crockery, glassware, tables, shares, linen, and equipment. If your business needs matching porcelain, glasses, and furniture, it makes sense to have a stock of spares. But you don't need to have that stuff occupying space in your business premises – a business storage unit is ideal.
As a caterer, you need a stock of tables, chairs, large tents, serving dishes, food warmers, linen and everything needed to cater for indoor and outdoor events – depending on the nature and scale of your business. Then there are stock food items, wine, and specialist equipment that is part of your unique delivery. Container storage keeps everything needed to run a successful event in one secure, easy to access place, saving you the stress and last-minute panics trying to find the serving platter or champagne flutes.
Then there are refurbishments when the restaurant is being painted or remodeled – packing the restaurant contents into a shipping container stored on or offsite protects your assets from damage and dirt. Plus, it gives open space for your contractors and designers to work fast and efficiently.
Home Service Businesses
Is your business a home service business? A home service business is a business that provides services to individuals and companies. You run it from your home base, and you rely on your skills and experience to produce an outstanding service for your clients. You might describe yourself as a solopreneur. You provide a vast range of creative and imaginative services for your clients through a massive list of possible business ideas. Mobile pet grooming, hairdressing, brand consultancy, accountancy, cybersecurity, office support, and management consultancy are just a few of the possibilities.
If you are running your business from home, why do you need commercial business storage? The most important reason is that all businesses need space to store equipment, supplies, and paperwork. If you are running a business, even if your office desk is your dining room table, you will generate business stuff. If you are living in a one-bedroom apartment and starting your first business, you get a better quality of life and better business growth if you invest in appropriate business storage. What you need and how much you need depends on your enterprise, but successful home businesses need space.
E-Commerce Business
The internet means starting a business in the reach of almost every man, woman, and child on the planet. New ways of making money and using your creative imagination, bring work and independence to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Your business is online, and you don't have stock. Why would you need a shipping container or commercial business storage units?
Before you decide the storage container business, has nothing to offer you, grab a sheet of paper and start to explore the possibilities. Do you record videos? Only started and dreaming of a professional studio where you can control the light, sound, and background? An affordable storage unit can give you a personal video suite from day one with the right equipment and minimal modification.
Other Commercial Storage Container Uses
Shipping containers and storage units are not just for storage -they have plenty of other potential uses to boost your business and your earning capacity.

Bricks and Mortar Retail Businesses
Sometimes you need a real shop or premises to sell direct to the public, but you can't afford a commercial space in the mall. A converted shipping container can create a retail space for you at a fraction of the cost of buying or renting other commercial areas.
For low-cost bricks and mortar shops, café, or bars a shipping container can get your fledgling business out into the world. One of the big advantages is that shipping containers are portable - you can try out lots of locations as a pop-up home for your business while you work on your storage unit business plan. Plus, you can get customer feedback and earn some cash for a minimal outlay on buildings cost.

A workshop implies that something produced or repaired and possibly involves power tools. From that basic definition, you can see a workshop for printing, sewing, knitting, repairing bicycles, motorbikes, and cars. The list continues – repairers of clocks and washing machines, woodcarvers, artists, and potters. So many activities needing a little creative space – storage units can give you space for almost anything that doesn't require an industrial-scale factory. If you have a business idea, and you need space for it to flourish, consider the incredible potential of a shipping container business. Browse our Commercial Storage Containers or Contact a Storage Container Expert!