Construction Mobile Offices
Construction Mobile Offices
Construction Trailers & Job-Site Trailers for Temporary Office Space
Setting up construction site offices is a massive undertaking -there are people to manage, supplies to order, store, and use and mountains of paperwork. In theory, the boss can control everything using experience and mobile technology. In practice, a construction site office is essential as a place to stay on top of running an efficient project. Deploying construction trailers or Jobsite trailers at the front of the site sets the tone for the incoming work crews, delivery drivers, and visitors.
Construction sites vary from a modest domestic remodeling of a family home to large greenfield sites for offices or housing. Then there are all the other types of massive construction projects like building bridges or dams that we class as civil engineering.
A construction project is like running a military operation, and effective delivery needs the command headquarters provided by a Job-site trailer. All these construction sites, big or small, have one need in common – temporary office space. Putting a construction team on site needs planning, logistics, and organizing. A mobile office trailer on location is the solution to managing a site and all the administration tasks involved from job sheets to meeting with inspectors, owners, and visitors.
What's the Difference Between Mobile Office, Modular Building, and Portable building?

The terms modular office, mobile office, and portable office seem to refer to the same thing. They are similar in that they all provide office space, but they are different.
Portable Building
Portable Building
A portable building is straightforward to transport to a sit and then erect – a kit building. The kit is delivered to the site, and someone assembles it. A portable building needs a decent base and will need fitting out with electrics, heating, and air conditioning. At the end of the project, the portable building needs dismantling.
Modular Building
Modular Building
A modular building is built from modules – storage containers or prefabricated units. A modular structure lets you create a bigger office space and depending on the design may be portable and reusable with some effort. Modular buildings offer ample space for creativity because of its flexible stackable features.
Mobile Office
Mobile Office
A mobile office is a complete package. You move it onto the site on the back of a trailer, and you either park the trailer and use steps or offload the office to the desired location. You attach power, and you have a fully functional office on delivery. When the project completes, the mobile office is picked up and taken on to the next site.
Uses of Modular Buildings in the Construction Industry

Modular buildings are either for your use as a site developer or as the product built for the client. Modular buildings have revolutionized the building industry by creating quality components offsite that are assembled onsite for speedy, consistent development. Modular buildings are widespread for houses, classrooms, business premises, workshops, storage units, and offices. If you are developing the site with modular buildings and the building you occupy as the construction site office can be reused, then it makes sense to occupy the first modular building onsite.
Modular Buildings
Typical Sizes and Configurations

The size of the mobile office available varies from modest to forty-foot depending on the size of the base storage container. The other factors at play are the size of your construction site because you need access to deliver and remove the office. Ground preparation may be necessary depending on the nature of the terrain and your chosen location. The configuration chosen is an individual preference – storage for paperwork or equipment, combined site office and sales office, site office, and first aid room, or some other layout. offers Mobile Offices in the following sizes:
Permanent and Portable Office Construction Solutions

The choice of permanent or a portable construction office solution depends on factors like budget, office staff numbers, and amount of office floorspace needed. For some construction sites, permanent office construction is better than a portable office. Sometimes the portable office fits the needs better
Portable Offices Suit Most Construction Sites:
• Satellite offices in remote areas
• Versatile and affordable.
• Your need is temporary.
• Fast to deploy and remove.
• Ecofriendly – reusable.

Permanent Office Solutions Are Ideal IF:
• There is a use for the building when the project is finished – offices, community building, or converted into a house.
• The project is going to last for years, and the whole office team is going to be onsite.
• Fast to deploy and remove.
• It's a prestigious project, and the office building needs to give the right impression to visitors.
Construction Mobile Offices Benefits
# 1 Weatherproof, vandal-proof secure office for processing paperwork and other administrative tasks in private.
# 2 Central location point for finding the site manager for worker queries and site visitors.
# 3 Dedicated space to keep site paperwork – timesheets, safety certificates, delivery note, and order forms.
# 4 Meeting space that is out of the sun and rain for discussing site related issues in privacy and safety.
Types of Mobile Office Buildings
Mobile Office Buildings
Portable office buildings vary according to purpose. You can have a small or large office or a combination of office and storage, depending on your needs. You can create a mobile office in a couple of ways. Convert a shipping container into a trailer office. Build a portable building on a base that is suitable for truck transport. Convert an RV into office space rather than home space. Fit-out a large van as a small office space. Convert a caravan or mobile home into an office. Converted storage containers and portable buildings are the standard choice and are readily available in most areas.
Why Choose a Container-Based Ground Level Office for Your Construction Business?

A container-based ground level office is a durable construction providing all the essential construction office needs with the added benefit of walk-in access for workers and visitors. A converted container office is a substantial building that will withstand a few knocks and locks securely overnight, giving peace of mind that there will be no damage to the contents. There are dangers on even the best run construction sites, and a durable construction site office in a converted container creates safe office space with protection from the elements and flying debris.
Mobile Office Essentials Checklist for Your Construction Site

As part of your site set up it helps to have a construction site office checklist for what needs to go in the office for you to get on with running the site:
check mark
Office furniture – Desks, chairs, visitors' chairs, storage.
check mark
Safety equipment – Fire safety, hard hats, high visibility visitors' vests, first aid kit.
check mark
Sundries– Stationery, refreshments. The amount and what you need depends on your working practices, but it helps to have a standard checklist.
check mark
Essential paperwork – Safety certificates, accident book, permissions papers, plans, and the storage furniture to keep it all accessible.
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Power supply – Your mobile office needs a power connection for lights, heating, and air conditioning, so you may need a portable generator to provide power until the site is fully operational.