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About Storage Container Operating in San Bernardino, California

Storage Containers deliver quality storage and office solutions for businesses and homes across San Bernardino, California. We provide a storage container or portable office to your home, work, or anywhere you need that extra flexible space. We also offer short- and long-term shipping container rental at our secure site for residential or business use.
We built our 40-year old business around providing high-quality storage and office solutions from the versatile and useful shipping container. We maintain and modify our containers to create custom storage and office space for our customers in San Bernardino. Everyone needs extra space at some time, and we are pleased to deliver it to you - fast. Or give you space at our place.
Residential Storage Solutions in San Bernardino, California

If you are planning a remodeling or simply painting a room, you need somewhere to put the stuff that is already in that space. Our range of storage container sizes from a modest 8-foot to 40-foot with all sizes in between offers you the right amount of space to keep your precious belongings free from damage and dirt by locking them away in a secure, clean storage container. If you have space, we can deliver to you so you can keep your possessions nearby. Otherwise, we can offer storage on our site with easy access during business hours. People in San Bernardino also use our storage containers for seasonal items and other possessions they want to keep safe but not underfoot.
Construction Storage Solutions in San Bernardino, California

If you have a construction site, then you need a place to keep your raw materials and tools locked up and protected. Our 24-foot container is an ideal size for standard 20-foot lengths with a bit of extra handling room. This size is the most popular with construction site owners in San Bernardino, but we have plenty of other sizes for your needs. We also supply an office trailer for your construction site office or salesroom. Between projects, we offer shipping container rental at our site for equipment and stock. When it comes to making your site management easier, we have the storage container and mobile office solution you are looking for, delivered, and budget friendly.
Storage Trailer Solutions in San Bernardino, California

When you are looking for a larger 40-foot or 45-foot space with the added benefit of dock-height access, you need one of our storage trailers. You can fit the contents of a whole house inside one of these or your site machinery and materials. When you have stuff to move in San Bernardino, we have the storage trailers that will move it efficiently and securely. Storage trailers are larger, easy to park, and easy to move around. Our Storage trailers are ideal for when you need large scale, dependable, weatherproof, and secure storage for a bulk load of anything – household possessions, inventory, or equipment. Or, if you are planning a house or business move.
About San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino, the county seat of San Bernardino County, is the 17th largest city in California, with a population of just over 200,000. The city occupies the valley floor of the San Bernardino valley. San Bernardino benefits from vast reserves of water in underground aquifers. These are topped up by skillful water collection from the surrounding mountains – 2019 broke 30-year records for the most amount of water collected at over 20 billion gallons. Southern California suffers from regular droughts, but San Bernardino is the water bank that keeps people supplied with water. San Bernardino has several claims to fame – Route 66, the site of the first McDonald's hamburger stand, and home to the Little League Western Regionals.
Why Move to San Bernardino, California?

The climate is Mediterranean summer and scores an 8.5 out of 10 for comfort. There are plenty of sunny days (280) and minimal rainy days. San Bernardino has the dubious honor of the largest city to file for bankruptcy in 2012. Emerging in 2017, it now has improved structures and is positioning itself for future success as it is attracting new industries into the area. It's a growth area for intermodal shipping, and it has excellent transport links. Recent and future job growth is running above the national average. Housing is affordable, and the area benefits from being home to California State University. Outside of the cities and towns, the landscape is mountain and desert. Most of the cities and towns are close to Los Angeles, giving the option of more affordable housing and big-city employment. Sport is a theme throughout San Bernardino – Soccer, camping, watersports, and fishing are popular outdoor activities across the County. Seven campsites and four water complexes give outdoor enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to do what they love best. San Bernardino is a place for the optimistic with room to thrive and a place to grow and develop.
Things to Do in San Bernardino, California

There is history, culture, and sport across San Bernardino County with a range of quirky and unique attractions.

Route 66 Rendezvous
Route 66 Rendezvous
John Steinbeck's classic book 'The Grapes of Wrath' calls Route 66 the Mother Road as the escape route for thousands of desperate people looking for hope traveled down its length. Songs and stories continue to eulogize about this iconic road that begins in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles – or perhaps the other way around. This annual festival is a car show – four days of classic cars cruising up and down the highway.
Arrowhead Springs
Arrowhead Springs
The arrowhead is a distinctive geological feature in the mountains that, by accident or design, points to the location of the hot springs. Bathing in the springs requires planning and a semi-strenuous hike.
San Bernardino National Forest
San Bernadino National Forest
The forest covers parts of the mountains and seven wilderness areas. There are free camping areas, and the opportunity to see the movie locations for 'Paint Your Wagon.' There are lakes, campsites, wild trails, hot springs, and shooting. Permits are necessary for some activities.
McDonald's Museum
McDonald's Museum
Everything starts somewhere; giant trees grow from tiny seeds, and a worldwide hamburger chain started with just one site – now a museum. The history of the classic hamburger chain is a fascinating trip down memory lane for most people. McDonald's does not endorse this museum. It is the creation of an enthusiast for the history and story behind the brand.
Inland Empire Military Museum
Inland Empire Military Museum
Volunteers and military enthusiasts run this small museum. You can view artifacts from areas of conflict and get a glimpse of what it was like to be someone who served in those faraway places then and now.
WBC Legends of Boxing Museum
WBC Legends of Boxing Museum
Nest to the American Sports University, this museum is devoted to the sport and history of boxing. It's free to enter, and you can see the many items donated by champion boxers.
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