Storage Container Solutions for your Construction Site

Storage Container Solutions for your Construction Site

Sep 28th 2021

Using Storage Containers on Construction Sites

Construction sites vary from modest house remodeling to enormous sites building large structures or many homes. All construction sites use skilled labor, tools, and raw materials. Typically, few facilities are available on-site for either safe storage or welfare facilities for employees unless the construction company provides them. Versatile and affordable shipping containers rapidly deploy on a construction site to provide the facilities necessary to run a safe and effective worksite.

Why Use Shipping Containers on Your Construction Site?

Shipping containers have many advantages, including:

Affordability – shipping containers are cost-effective compared with building alternative facilities.
Versatile – you can modify a container to provide custom space for many purposes.
Portable and Reusable – when you finish on-site, your portable storage moves with you to the next project.
Durable – Corten steel is corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, and offers years of service.
Secure – with appropriate locks, steel boxes are challenging to break into for opportunistic thieves.
Rapid Deployment – with minimal ground preparation, you can deliver all your facilities ready for use within a day.
Compact form – you can double-stack your shipping containers to occupy less of a footprint on site.
Available – used shipping containers providing construction company facilities are readily available.

You can opt to rent rather than buy your construction storage containers meaning you only pay while you use them.

What Can You Use Shipping Containers for on a Construction Site?

The practical purposes for modified and unmodified shipping containers for construction sites are varied. The modifications range from minor (racking out with shelves) to significant (creating a site office).

Site Storage

On your construction site, you need to store:

• More efficient offloading and reloading of containers to return as many as possible back to China.
• Using excess refrigerated containers as standard dry goods containers where necessary.
• Prolonging the useable life of a container by not scrapping at the standard retirement age.
• Repairing old shipping containers and bringing them back into use.
• Advanced booking and rescheduling of containers.

Robust and secure storage containers are ideal for:

• Overnight storage – lock your expensive tools away for safety and protection against theft.
• On-site store – it makes sense to have a designated container for fixings and materials.
• Safe storage for flammable or potentially hazardous liquids and other chemicals.
• Physical protection for fragile goods like windows or bathroom fittings.
• Climate-controlled storage for sensitive materials that deteriorate in hot, cold, or wet conditions.

You can adapt your storage container by adding climate control, shelving, or by remodeling the doors to give roller door access to goods on pallets. Storage containers are ideal for palleted goods like cement, blocks, tiles, or other bulk deliveries. You can add extra security features - lights, cameras, and specialty locks - more visible security features deter opportunistic thieves or vandals. If you want to create environmentally safe storage for fuel, oils, and lubricants, you can fit your shipping container with vents and drip trays.

On-Site Workshops

Although most work on a construction site takes place on location, some projects benefit from a dedicated workshop like cutting timber, assembling components, and recharging equipment. Dedicated workshop space for some trades reduces the hazards of working in cramped conditions and at odd angles. A dedicated weatherproof and equipped room for preparing materials for the site can increase the workflow and reduce accidents. A fully equipped workshop can be available for use as soon as you connect it to power. A workshop in a job site trailer can move around the site (useful for large areas) and transfer to another location after the project completes.

On-Site Offices

A construction site requires plenty of administration:

• Blueprints and plans – can be digital, but paper is still around.
• Planning permission and other legal documentation.
• Health and safety paperwork and compliance.
• Employee and subcontractor paperwork.
• Delivery notes and other accounting documents.

An on-site construction office trailer for the supervisor is ideal for storing and processing site administration. The advantage of a portable office is that your supervisor doesn’t have to waste time setting up the office. Everything needed in the agreed office layout is familiar and available.

An office trailer has other uses than administrative space, including:

Sales office
Security office
Meeting room

An advantage of a mobile office is that you can bring the sales office on-site when you need it, rather than spending money on it when it is not in use. Job site trailers mean you add the office space you need, saving you space and money. On some construction sites, a construction office trailer providing part office space and part storage is an economical approach to providing facilities.

First-Aid Station

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces. Even the best run construction sites have minor accidents from slips, trips, and falls. Despite rigorous safety rules, more significant accidents are possible, and there are the other health risks, like allergic reactions to insect bites, dehydration, and other human issues. Using a job site trailer set up as a first-aid station enables prompt treatment of minor accidents and first response stabilization of more serious incidents. A recognized place to access medical support like a defibrillator or medication saves vital time during an incident.

Breakrooms or Staff Welfare

Looking after your people by providing break rooms where they can take a bathroom break, get clean, get out of the weather, and enjoy a meal break ensures your crew is happier at work.

You can use a modified shipping container to provide:

• Kitchen facilities for hot drinks and heating food.
• Climate control for relief from heat or cold.
• Comfortable seating and tables.
• Storage lockers for possessions and spare clothing.

Many construction sites are in remote regions with few facilities. Providing comfortable breakrooms improves team morale and is more efficient for workflow and team meetings.

How Can Help?

We have a range of job site trailers and shipping containers that are ready to lease or buy. We have a wide range of shipping container sizes depending on your bulk storage needs, and we can pick up and deliver directly to your site. We can advise and implement many modifications and help you select the shipping container solution that best meets your needs. Our staff has years of experience in putting together construction site packages that work, so give us a call to discuss using storage containers on your project for storage, welfare, or offices.

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