Rent or Buy: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding

Rent or Buy: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding

Sep 26th 2022

Deciding to rent or buy a storage container isn't always as easy of a choice as you might think. Luckily, we've narrowed it down to 5 important questions you should ask yourself to help decide your best option.

• What are you using the shipping container for?
• How long will you need it?
• What size container do you need?
• What are the costs?
• Can you maintain the container on your own?

What Are You Using the Shipping Container For?

Your purpose for obtaining a shipping container is a large factor in deciding whether to rent or buy storage space.

If you need standard storage or office space on a job site, most businesses opt to rent a container because:

• You get the most appropriate, modified shipping containers for the current project.
• Delivery and removal are straightforward.
• The client covers the rental cost as part of the project budget.
• You don't need to maintain the container.
• The containers are in excellent condition and not subject to depreciation.
• You don't need to store the container between projects.

However, you may need or prefer to buy a container or site office if:

• You need extensive modifications to create a customized office or storage space.
• You want to brand your containers with corporate logos for sales and site offices.
• It is easier for you to keep a loaded storage container to transport between sites.

If you’re looking for simple storage, you will need to consider how much storage you’ll need and how long you’ll be using it.

Most people opt for renting a storage container for short-term remodeling projects or if they’re in the process of moving. A lack of available space at your place may make renting storage on a storage container site the best option.

If you want to convert a storage container into a building module, like a cabin in the woods, a remodeled home office, or a fire-resistant home, you’ll need to purchase the container outright. Generally, any permanent structure involving a shipping container means you’ll be buying the container.

How Long Will You Need the Container?

Calendar icon The amount of time you intend to use the storage container can give you a starting idea of whether or not you should purchase the container or rent it for the duration of the time you need it.
Economically, if you want to use a storage container for an extended period of time, you’ll save money by purchasing. If you have an ongoing need for a shipping container, then you pay less for capital cost, delivery, modification, and eventual disposal if you buy rather than rent, but if you have a short-term need for an office, living accommodation, or storage, renting is probably your most affordable option.

What Size Do You Need?

Size icon The size of a container can help determine other elements of your purchase, such as condition (new vs. used) and cost. Therefore, it’s a great place to start when trying to pick the right container.
The two most popular shipping container sizes available are 20ft and 40ft containers. While there are other sizes available, such as 10ft containers, they’re less common and can therefore be more challenging to source.

What are the Costs?

Cost icon If you choose to rent a container, the cost includes monthly rental fees and the cost of delivery. If you want to rent a mobile office container or retail unit, they typically cost more because they have more pre-existing modifications.
If you choose to purchase a container, the cost includes the price of the container, any custom modifications such as windows or vents, and delivery fees.
Once you've purchased your shipping container, the responsibility for maintenance and any further removal costs is yours. However, if you want to upgrade to a different model a few years down the line, your shipping container has some resale value.

Can You Maintain the Container on Your Own?

Maintain icon The ability to oversee the maintenance of a shipping container plays a major role in the decision to rent or buy.
Renting may be more suitable for companies and individuals that prefer to hand off most of the maintenance responsibilities to the rental company.
If you want to have full control over the container, such as transportation or adding logos and paint to reflect your brand, purchasing the container would be the best option. By purchasing the container, you will have the option to sell the structure once it’s no longer needed.

Buy or Rent from

If you are undecided about the pros and cons of renting or buying a storage container, talk to us! We have an experienced team that can help you figure out what suits you best and can help to source and modify your ideal shipping container.

If you don’t have the space for siting a storage container at your place, you can rent one at ours! You get the option to load up the container, and our team will handle all the transport.

We have a range of budget options depending on the access you need for your stuff. For a personal or business project, you can rely on us to help you find the best solution for your temporary or permanent needs.

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