Best Portable Office Options for Your Construction Site!

Best Portable Office Options for Your Construction Site!

Feb 18th 2021

The leasing or purchase decision always depends on your circumstances. Still, whichever option you need, it makes sense to get your construction officer trailer specification clear before you act. This way, you'll get the portable building with all the features you need at the best price for your project!

The choice of buy or lease depends on what you need and how long you need the portable building. When the cost of the portable building is passed directly to the client as part of the construction cost, then hiring a portable building is your cheapest option. Alternatively, if the cost of the mobile office is part of your overhead and you use a portable building all year and move it from site to site, then buying the building may be cost-effective for your business.

Owning the portable building means you need to meet the costs of maintenance and transport between sites. Still, ownership lets you keep it set up with furniture and ready to deploy, where leasing means you need to store your office equipment between rentals.

If you think a  shipping container home may be ideal for you as a primary residence or a holiday cabin in the mountains, there are some essential planning stages:

What to Look for In a Construction Office Trailer

The features you are looking for in a  construction office trailer are pretty much the same as any office with a few unique construction needs.


Outside you need enough level space with a firm footing to site the  construction office and provide access for delivery and removal.

“Plus, you'll need some car parking space and clean access to and from the office for staff and visitors.”

You need enough space inside the trailer for office work and people. That means room for furniture and storage facilities for spare hard hats, sales brochures and paperwork, and everything else your construction site office needs.

Heating and Cooling

These facilities are standard for most mobile offices but double-check that you have both. Uncomfortable office workers are unhappy office workers, and your  construction site office is the hub of your project.

Strong and Secure

Construction sites are dangerous, and accidents happen. A well-run site minimizes the risks, but it's reassuring to know that if someone drops a tool on your site office, it is going to bounce off.

Construction sites attract unwelcome visitors, and a secure construction site office keeps your stuff safe overnight from both malicious and foolish intruders. When your construction office is delivered, it makes sense to do a visual inspection to make sure it is structurally sound with no potential leaks or weak points. A reliable supplier will only deliver a fully functioning office, but it doesn't hurt to include a visual inspection of your own as part of your site safety assessment.

Lockable windows and doors with security bars and locks are standard for  construction mobile offices.

Terms and Conditions

Make sure you are familiar with the small print - how long does it take to be delivered and removed. What is the minimal lease? Is there a damage clause, and what insurance cover do you need?

Standard portable office sizes meet most construction site needs from the site office, salesroom, or office with storage. You may have some special needs and choose to ask for modifications to make your office space work for you. Portable offices are a feature on construction sites across the world because they are practical, affordable, and an efficient solution to the need for an office on location.

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