5 Ways Containers Help Prevent Job Site Mistakes

5 Ways Containers Help Prevent Job Site Mistakes

Aug 18th 2022

When it comes to construction projects, planning your budget is key to staying on track and keeping everything in order. However, there are some situations that can overrun the budget that aren’t just due to poor planning. Other things that should be considered are:

Theft of Material or Tools – whether for personal use or resale, expensive power tools and raw materials are attractive to thieves.
Arson and Vandalism – accidental or intentional, construction sites attract people looking for either a playground or something to destroy.
Job Site Organization – construction sites are dangerous and can be cause for accidents when not tidy.
Weather – bad weather can destroy materials and cause other damages.
Keeping Morale Up – being tired and working without breaks can be cause for large mistakes.

Strategic storage container usage on your construction site can mitigate many potential issues. If you can avoid thefts, accidents, and damage you save time and money, plus your workforce morale remains high.

Preventing Thefts

container lock container at jobsite

Although some thefts from construction sites are planned, most are opportunistic. Unfortunately, the theft of a relatively small number of materials or tools can result in high costs due to replacement and loss of progress. It also has the added downside of upsetting the work force morale.

Theft costs the US construction industry $1 billion annually, and some of the reasons why thieves target construction sites include:
• Easy access to expensive stuff.
• Remote locations.
• Lack of surveillance.
• Lack of security overnight.

Shipping containers have security measures, like lock boxes, window bars and their sturdy steel exterior, to deter opportunistic thieves and help to keep your insurance premiums low.

Fire Safety

Between 2010 and 2015, US Firefighters attended an average of ten construction site fires per day. To help minimize fire risks on construction sites, storage containers can be used since they are naturally fire-resistant.

Storage containers can help by providing:
• A fire-resistant battery recharging station away from the construction work.
• Storage for materials that can be flammable in the event of a fire.

In the event of a site fire, you can be relatively confident that the contents of the storage container will remain undamaged and the container itself will maintain structural integrity.

Staying Clean and Organized

container at jobsite container lock

Tidying away tools, scrap, and unused materials at the end of the working day does more than just leave your site ready for the next day. Think of your storage container as a giant, mobile, secure, and durable toolbox where everyone can pack their tools, useable materials, and scrap, keeping the site clean and making sure everything is in its place.

Not leaving materials or tools lying around minimizes the opportunities for damage from curious teens or other mischief-makers.

By operating a clean site policy, you:

• Minimize the risk of accidents for your workforce and visitors.
• Save time because everything is in its correct place and easy to find.
• Save money because you can control stocking levels for materials and components.

Staying organized by using a container for dedicated tool storage means your workers don't waste time trying to find the tools they need for the job. Storage containers can also give you a visual reminder of when to reorder components or materials and prevent excessive ordering.


Materials like interior fittings and finishes are best kept dry and secure until the point of use, and most climates are not suitable for storing material in the open air for more than a few hours. Both water and sunlight can damage surface finishes and structural integrity of materials.

Rigid steel containers are impervious to extreme weather conditions so a storage container can easily protect your materials, tools, and equipment from most weather damage. Materials that need to stay dry are kept out of the rain and locking down materials in containers means the wind can't pick up stray items. Plus, if your material is temperature sensitive, you can opt for a storage container with climate control.

Keeping Morale High

container at jobsite container office

Having a place for paperwork, electronics, and breaks is always necessary for your team. Shipping container mobile offices provide a portable and comfortable office space for any construction site.

Tired people make more mistakes and take longer to complete a project, so looking after your workers' welfare is better for both your bottom line and morale. Regular breaks for a drink and something to eat out of the rain or excess heat is not only more comfortable for your crew but will help keep them rested up and focused on the job at hand.

Modified shipping containers, such as mobile offices, provide excellent break rooms on construction sites. A secure office also gives a site manager the time and space to ensure operations run smoothly and if there are any issues, they can be resolved quickly as they will be on-site.

How StorageContainer.com Can Help

StorageContainer.com can provide stock storage containers and mobile offices for all your construction needs. Our experienced staff can advise on appropriate modifications to organize your tools, secure your materials, and create suitable welfare rooms.

You can rely on us to provide off-the-shelf or tailored shipping container solutions to help you minimize potentially costly mistakes on your job site.

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