5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Container’s Roof

5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Container’s Roof

Nov 14th 2022

Shipping containers are versatile and strong enough to stand outside all year, providing storage or office space for a couple of decades with careful care and attention. To maximize a container’s lifetime, maintenance on the container itself is a must and arguably, the most important part of container maintenance is the roof. Without proper attention and care, roof damage can lessen the containers lifetime and potentially affect the items that are being stored.

Roof maintenance is so important that we’ve created a list of 5 simple tips for keeping your roof maintained to extend your containers useful lifetime.

1. Start with a Quality Container

Start with a Quality Container Before you invest in a storage container, do a thorough check of the container you will be using. If you buy a cheaper, older container there is the possibility of pre-existing damage from rust or dents. If that is the case, the container will be susceptible to more issues, and you’ll need to work harder and spend more on trying to restore and maintain it.
A good quality container will start you off right when it comes to roof maintenance. Reliable suppliers will have quality containers available to rent or buy that will have already gone through inspections. It’s worth paying more for a quality container upfront as it will cost you less in repairs and maintenance and will last longer overall.

2. Avoid DIY Modifications

Avoid DIY Modifications Shipping containers maintain their structural integrity due to their design and the materials used. If you decide to modify your container, either on the roof or anywhere else, avoid trying to do it yourself.
While you may wish to alter the roof or add windows, doing this yourself without any expert advice can add weaknesses to the container that may cause it to lose structural integrity, allowing for leaks and other issues. If you’re looking for modifications, ask your container supplier about the services they offer. Many suppliers will be able to make the modifications for you before dropping the container off at your desired location.

3. Avoid Leaving Weight or Debris on the Roof

Avoid Leaving Weight or Debris on the Roof Any excess weight or debris on a storage container’s roof is a potential risk for damage as the roof is not weight bearing. This excess weight will cause the metal to bend, weakening the steel and allowing for structural damage.
Things like snow, ice, and any items you may want to store of the roof can cause the metal to warp under their weight. Other types of debris like leaves and branches may seem harmless but they can trap water and cause the roof to rust underneath them.
By keeping your shipping container roof clear from any weight or debris, you’ll prolong its useable lifetime and avoid costly repairs.

4. Be Strategic with Your Placement

Be Strategic with Your Placement You should always avoid leaving any debris on the roof and the best way to do so is prevent it from the start. While you may have a few options where you’d like to place your container, be sure to assess potential risks to your roof prior to doing so.
Placing it under trees for shade may seem like a good choice, but you will need keep checking the roof and removing any leaves when they pile up. If you avoid placing your container where the roof damage can occur, you save yourself from having to remove debris daily.

5. Conduct Regular Maintenance Inspections

Conduct Regular Maintenance Inspections Regularly inspecting & doing maintenance on your container is an easy way to prevent roof damage. These inspections will help you spot potential issues before they can grow into bigger problems.
Things like rust, dents and standing water can damage the container, especially if they are left untreated. Containers are made of steel so it is vital that you check for any issues so that the metal will not corrode and cause leaks or damage to your belongings.

Dealing with things immediately will prevent the need for a future costly repair and allow you to extend your container’s useful life.


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